101 Dalmatians: The Series

Season 2 Episode 6

Two Faces of Anita

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Sep 24, 1997 on ABC

Episode Recap

Cruella and Anita are having a friendly talk at the House of DeVil when the telephone rings. Anita answers while Cruella is grumpy believing it's from Roger but gets the phone when Anita says it's Mr. Puffin, from the designer of the year award ceremonies. Cruella expected to get the award, but he says the winner is Anita. Trying to get the award for herself, Cruella tells Horace and Jasper to bribe Mr. Puffin in name of an "anonymous" "male" donor who wants Cruella as winner. After he rejects Horace and Jasper's request to ignore the signature in the check, Mr. Puffin tells them to go away before he decides to utilize violence to get them out. Horace and Jasper didn't take it seriously, since Puffin is even smaller than Horace, but he somehow does put them out. Cruella says she doesn't fire them only because she needs them for an alternative plan. Cruella offers her office to be used by Anita to try a new dress for the ceremony while she locked her in. The main pups, who had sneaked into Anita's belongings, divided themselves in two pairs: Lucky and Cadpig followed Cruella to learn her plans while Rolly and Spot tried to help Anita out of Cruella's office. Cruella goes to a plastic surgeon who makes her face look like Anita's and warns her not to sweat. Cruella was just getting into her car when she realizes that, to keep the hoax, she has to use Anita's. At the ceremony, Lucky and Cadpig try uselessly to warn Roger. After Rolly and Spot unlock Anita, she goes to the parking lot and notices her car is missing. She still doesn't know Cruella's plans, but gets Cruella's car thinking she'll understand it's for a good cause. At the ceremony, Lucky thinks about the doctor's warnings about sweating and, with Cadpig's help, turn on the highlights on Cruella so her Anita-look face will melt. The plan worked on exposing Cruella and she leaves right before Anita shows up to receive the award and dedicate it to Cruella, unaware what she did. At the end, a guard fined Cruella for all traffic violations caused by Anita on her way to the ceremony.

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