101 Ways to Leave a Game Show

ABC (ended 2011)


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  • Horrible show and they went WAY too far.

    I am furious with this show. I watched the first 10 minutes of the premier and was horrified that they strapped that girl to plane and it took off. She could have died the plane was going way to fast. In other TV reviews i read they mentioned other ways of "leaving the game show" and I was even more horrified to find out one was being DRAGGED UNDERWATER. I mean REALLY are they trying to kill someone??

    As much as I love other shows like Wipeout, "101 ways to leave a game show" is one that I refuse to watch EVER again. I hope it gets bad reviews and gets canceled like it already did in the UK.
  • They won't be happy until they kill someone.

    I gave this show a 5 rating because frankly, I'm in shock and I don't know HOW to feel about this show except maybe fear about where we are headed as a society. Years ago, I read a book by Steven King published under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman called; 'The Long Walk' and I immediately thought of that book before the first five minutes of '101 ways to leave a game show' had passed. 'The Long Walk' was one of the most relentlessly grim novels I've ever read in my life about a nationally sponsored and endorsed game show where the losing contestants are shot to death one by one until the last remaining contestant wins 'The Prize'...everything he wants for the rest of his life. The hitch is, the winner is usually maimed for life and insane as a result of walking down all the other contestants over three days and over three hundred miles. '101 ways to leave a game show makes me truly wonder how much longer it's going to be 'til they really do come up with a game show where the losers are killed. And now, a word from our sponsor....brrrr.
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