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  • It is the TRL for the urban population. I really like this show. I used to watched it everyday. Now I watch about every other day. I definitely has some hot guests and performances.

    This is basically your black form of the mostly white TRL. It also shows the majority of the video and doesn't wastes its time with silly games and unknown celebrities. Half of the time they focus on the guest and not enough on the viewers who wants to see the videos they requested hence the show's title. But hey who is complaining? I do watch the time-to-time but I watch 106 and Park way more.
  • A tight show with guest and the Livest audience in America

    I like this show.Every since MAdd LInx came to RAp City only thing I watch on B.E.T is this.I love freestyle friday, the top 10 countdown, old skool songs and all the guest.But sometimes Aj isnt thee and Free is and Free isnt there and Aj is.Whats the deal with that
  • A great show..........

    106 & Park is a great show that gives you a chance to experience Black music. BET brings it down with this show, sportin' a new joint everyday, the Old School (Flashback)joint, plus the top 10 count down. It also features stars who make an impression on the Black Community.
  • Gives me what i want.

    This show gives me all the music that i want unlike that other show where you have to listen to mostly rock , this show gives me all my favorite music one after another , i like there conversation because its so real like it doesn't look like they are reading from a script its so real and down to earth , it something i can relate to. when they are interviewing people its like you get the real story instead of that fake looking journalism on the other stations , its a show just for me about me. I love it.
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