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  • F**k BET and this show

    BET is has been F**kin up since like 1998-99 But this 106 and park... 106 and park!!! are you serious? who thought of putting a tall MaRicón ( AJ ) and a fine ass woman ( Free ) who's voice was always going in and out on the TV wearing NY hats? they suck!! and then those new hosts, the lil mulato boy and the chick i ono the names but they need to chill the hell out. whats worse then all that is they put tasteless ass music videos on TV and think that ish is koo . AND AND the music has no positve message and its GAY you hear the new song by them bammas i ono they know but people be doing they damn dance. the song is chicken noodle soup and with a soda on the side. that dance is making us look like slaves again. i'mma go watch some Billy and mandy