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In this mini-series based on the novel by Stephen King, Jake Epping is a New England teacher who learns of a portal that lets the user pass through time to 1960. Jake resolves to go back to 1960, wait three years, and stop Lee Harvey Oswald from assassinating Kennedy. But time pushes back... and Jake falls in love.


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    • Better than expected, shame on one season

      At first I thought this show was boring, and I stopped watching after 20 minutes in to the first episode.

      Gave the show a second chance and watched the entire first episode.

      And after the crappy start, things get a whole lot better. After seeing what goes on this first trip into the past and meeting all those people and learning some of their secrets, I want to see what happens in a reset, meeting people he knows to be scum yet those people have no idea they have met before.


      Well I watched all the episodes, and although the series was good, it is a shame they didnt think about making it into several seasons.

      Book adaptions dont always follow the books, and those usually end up being bad. But I think with this they could have done a lot more.

      As I stated before, they could have made it so that he makes more mistakes which forced him to go back and reset everything. And when he does, he's armed with the new knowledge, but then other things happen instead to push him back.

      They could have done tonnes of things which would have required resets, but they stuck to one season.

      That I say was a bad decision for this show.moreless
    • A sci-fi masterpiece!

      When the script is based on the story written by the Great Master of Sci-Fi and Horror Storytelling you can expect nothing less than perfect. And indeed it is, a pure pleasure to watch by the sci-fi fans like me and my wife.


      I realize that some people might find disturbing the King's assertion that should Kennedy had stayed alive the US might have be drawn into nuclear holocaust and total demise. But I think that the King's statement was not political, but rather pure contemplative: you should not mess with the past, lest the outcome could be much worse than the things you hoped to improve. Or, to put it simply, what is done is done and we should look at the future and try to make it better rather than reminiscent on "What would have happened if we could change something in themoreless
    • Televised King at its best!

      Solid script, great locations, top notch technical features and memorable performances! Also, very good use of time travel - something we don't get to see often.

      Great production - Impressive Show!
    • Captivating

      Amazing show
    • A challenging one to watch

      This show is not easy to watch. A protaganist was selected to travel in time based on chance? A protagonist whose common sense not so fine, emotion not so stable, and intelligence not enough. tries to alter the past or watch the past? He tries to change the assassination event by observing, everytime he got closed, the past comes back and hit him. Yet he can easily alter the past by being involved with other past characters' lives? The script is messed up. The idea itself worth 5 points, the rest just +1 for the effort.moreless

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