Season 1 Episode 11

The Choice Called Ruin

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 15, 2009 on Chiba TV
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The Choice Called Ruin
Yuka has released Lisolette, the Witch of Babylon. Can they stop her from completing her plan to destroy the world?

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    Kaori Mizuhashi

    Kaori Mizuhashi

    Kaori Natsuki

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    Youji Ueda

    Youji Ueda


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    Kouta Nemoto

    Kouta Nemoto

    Tadashi Teruya

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      • Velad: Why? Why do we hate each other? Why do we have to kill each other? Where have the hearts that loved gone? Why did hearts that believed die?
        Liselotte: That's what humans are, Velad.
        Velad: It's sad. It pains me. I can't bear to look at this world! Liselotte.
        Liselotte: Please don't suffer.
        Velad: Let this world be destroyed.
        Liselotte: Yes, we don't need this world. As long as I have you, it's enough.

      • Liselotte: My power alone isn't enough to destroy the entire world. I need the Eye of Aeon's power.

      • Misao: He's dead. Avaritia-sama, the man to whom I offered up my life. There's no value in protecting a world without him. No. Let it be destroyed. Let everything be destroyed!

      • Misao: Over half a century ago, across the sea, I met Avaritia-sama and fell in love. To me, banished from the village of the Kusakabe, those days spent with Avaritia-sama were the happiest of my life.

      • Misuzu: (to Kakeru) If the next fight comes, I will likely die, protecting you, to save the world.

      • Kakeru: We can't defeat her?
        Misuzu: There is one way. One way to vastly increase our powers...
        Kakeru: What is it? Tell me. No matter what it is, I'll do it!
        Misuzu: It... It is for two with Kusakabe blood to be bound together.
        Kakeru: Be bound together?
        Misuzu: To be together, as man and woman.

      • Kakeru: I want to fight. I want to go to the Red Night and fight!
        Misuzu: Kakeru, the next time you're summoned to the Red Night, Shiori and the others will have lost, and Liselotte will be coming for you.
        Kakeru: Liselotte will be coming for me?
        Misuzu: With all seven of the Void fragments no longerin existence, she needs the Eye of Aeon's power to cause the HellFall. Kakeru, when that happens, we must fight Lielotte together and win. And we don't have the power.

      • Liselotte: No matter how many impotent fools you have, you won't even be able to scratch me! Rage, struggle, and then, when all your hopes have been crushed, suffer and die!

      • Kakeru: Misuzu-sempai, is there nothing we can do? Is waiting all we can do?
        Misuzu: Liselotte has yet to gain all the Void fragments. And some have already been destroyed.
        Kakeru: I see. So her magical powers are weaker than when the Black Knights sealed her sixty-four years ago! Then we can win!
        Misuzu: I don't know. There are fewer Black Knights than there were sixty-four years ago... Because we killed them. All we can do is pray for their victory. Right now, they're fighting in the Red Night, the two Black Knights and Shiori-san.

      • Liselotte: Georgius... The world's mightiest dragon, possessing the power to destroy all evil.
        Avaritia: (in the form of Georgius) The HellFall which threatens to sink the world into darkness... I shall end it and the life of the Witch of Babylon!

      • Kakeru: Misuzu-sempai, this is Yuka's world!
        Kaori: Uh, I'm not following...
        Tadashi: Kakeru, did you hit your head or eat something you found on the ground?

      • Kakeru: Misuzu-sempai, this is Yuka's world!
        Kaori: Uh, I'm not following...
        Tadashi: Kakeru, did you hit your head or eat something you found on the ground?

      • Kakeru: Yuka... Do you know Minase Yuka?
        Tadashi: I told you on the phone! Of course we do! She's our friend. She's not just our friend, she's your honey toast! Your lovely little piglet!
        Kaori: You mean his sweet honey, his lovely little kitten.

      • Kakeru: The world Yuka made?
        Misuzu: Yes. The seven Void fragments were scattered to seven parallel worlds. But when the black moon appeared, they were all drawn to one. The fact that that world is still there, means...
        Kakeru: Yuka is alive!

      • Liselotte: It's all useless. Once the gate to Hell had opened, you'd already lost.

      • Shiori: I will fight, as well, as a fellow member of the Holy Office of the Index.
        Superbia: What?
        Avaritia: Very well. But if it looks like Liselotte is going to take your fragment...
        Shiori: I will end my own life.

      • Avaritia: Even if it should cost us our lives, we will shatter your tainted aspirations! Liselotte must not be allowed to gain any more power.

      • Liselotte: Bearer of the Eye of Aeon. Give me your power, and bring doom to the world.

      • Misuzu: (thinks to herself about Liselotte) Her evil aura is so strong, it's nauseating. This is the Witch of Babylon?

      • Liselotte: This dark magic power flowing through my body... I haven't felt it in so long...
        Avaritia: Liselotte Werckmeister!
        Liselotte: So, then you were the one who abandoned your human form to keep me sealed away.

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