Season 1 Episode 10

The Witch Awakens

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Dec 08, 2009 on Chiba TV
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The Witch Awakens
The group has lost one of their own and now they are split apart. Yukiko wants revenge and Yuka wants nothing but to have Kakeru by her side forever. What can they do to stop the madness and what terrible secret does Shiori reveal?

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    Recurring Role

    Yu Asakawa

    Yu Asakawa

    Misuzu Kusakabe

    Recurring Role

    Emiko Hagiwara

    Emiko Hagiwara

    Shiori Momono

    Recurring Role

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      • Yukiko: You're going to pay. You're going to pay for what you did.
        Superbia: So what were you going to do?
        Yukiko: (drops her glasses to the ground and steps on them) I'll kill you!

      • Shiori: To seal the Witch away, the disciples used a forbidden magic, the Rainbow of the Covenant. It splits an enemy's magic into seven worlds, weakening it.

      • Misuzu: She's on a completely different level than me, Kakeru. She spent time with other people and learned from them, while I isolated myself, seeking mere knowledge.
        Kakeru: What's wrong with that?
        Misuzu: I was arrogant. Without having experianced things, I couldn't just react, but needed to think. Which is better? The knowledge learned on paper or the intuition based on experiance? She knew every move I made before I did. I could only move as the do in books!

      • Misuzu: I've spent my whole life thinking of nothing but battle. I wanted to be strong. I wanted to master the onmyou powers more fully than anyone. So I never thought of anything else, spending my time training alone, trying to be like Kusakabe Misao, the legendary female onmyouji I'd learned about when I was a child. I was a fool to think I could win. I told myself that maybe I was strong enough to defeat her. I was such a child that it's pitiful. She showed me that. I can't defeat her...

      • Shiori: I've desiced to believe in you. You, who like in this world, have bonds with its people and hope for tomorrow.
        Kakeru: For friends and for tomorrow.
        Shiori: Can you do it?
        Kakeru: I want to. If I can, I want to protect this world. But! Shiori-san. Yesterday, I think I would've said I could... That I had my friends, so I'd be fine. But... Now... Now, we're all apart.

      • Shiori: The reason I watched you, without revealing myself, was to ascertain wether you were worth entrusting with the fate of the world.
        Kakeru: What was your answer?
        Shiori: That you were a naive, weak man. That they were right, and Velad would take you over, body and mind. But I decided to believe in you.

      • Shiori: With the Eye of Aeon, it may be possible to do more than simply seal away the Witch. It may be possible to banish her beyond time's bounds.

      • Kakeru: The Black Knights...
        Shiori: In Liselotte's world, where time has stopped - what you call the Red Night- they protect the Witch's seal.
        Kakeru: So that's what's been happening...
        Yuka: Kakeru-kun.
        Shiori: They believe Velad will awaken within you, take over your body, and use the Eye of Aeon to aid the Witch. So before that happens, they will to kill you.

      • Velad: This world should be destroyed.
        Liselotte: Yes... There's no need for this world. As long as I have you, that's enough for me.

      • Shiori: Eight hundred years ago, a mage attained immortality. Calling her the Witch of Babylon, men feared and shunned her.

      • Yuka: Want me to sleep with you? Like we used to?
        Kakeru: Hey! What are you talking about?
        Yuka: What's wrong? Why are you red? Kakeru-kun's weird.

      • Shiori: What you call the black moon is a door, a gate to Hell.

      • Kakeru: Fragments... Are the fragments evil?
        Shiori: The fragments themselves are not. But when the seven gather once again, their power will be beyond imagination. Depending on their wielder's intent...

      • Kakeru: The Black Knights are the good guys?
        Shiori: Yes.
        Kakeru: Then we're the bad guys? That's impossible!

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