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Season 1 Episode 7

Twisted Awakening

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 17, 2009 on Chiba TV
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Episode Summary

Twisted Awakening
Yuka is missing in the Red Night and the rest try and find her after Takahisa has found one of her items in the nurse's office. Can they find Yuka before it is too late?

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    Kaori Mizuhashi

    Kaori Mizuhashi

    Kaori Natsuki

    Recurring Role

    Youji Ueda

    Youji Ueda


    Recurring Role

    Kouta Nemoto

    Kouta Nemoto

    Tadashi Teruya

    Recurring Role

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      • Invidia: Bearer of the Eye of Aeon...And Fragments...Die with me!

      • Invidia: The sin committed by a mere fragment, injuring my pride and my body...Atone for it with you life.
        Takahisa: Shove it. I'll kill you right here! Or so I'd like to do, but I'm running on empty here.

      • (Kakeru and Takahisa are attacked by Invidia)
        Takahisa: You again? You're getting annoying!

      • Yukiko: Yuka-san...I don't want you to end up like me. So it's better if whatever fighting power you may have doesn't awaken. I'm sure Kakeru-sempai will be happier that way, too.

      • Yukiko: Without my glasses, I'm a really dangerous little girl, you know?

      • Yukiko: I have good news. Kukuri-san beat one of the Black Knights. Kukuri-san's power is amazing!
        Yuka: They're all so amazing.
        Yukiko: Yes?
        Yuka: Everyone has a wonderful power...And they're fighting as hard as they can. I'm the only one...
        Yukiko: Don't worry about that! Fighting doesn't suit you.
        Yuka: Kakeru-kun is getting further and further away from me because I have no power.
        Yukiko: What are you talking about? He's always in lovey-dovey mode for you! He's fighting for your sake! You are loved so much...

      • Misuzu: The Black Moon...It's getting closer to Earth.

      • (a couple of Red Night creatures break into the room)
        Takahisa: Damn bugs! (activates his flame) Don't eavesdrop when people are telling secrets!

      • Yukiko: If you knew what I'd done, you'd change too.
        Takahisa: I've always been watching you.
        Yukiko: I know.
        Takahisa: Tell me.
        Yukiko: It's a secret! If you pitied me because of it, that would actually be harder for me.

      • Takahisa: Yukiko has the same scent as I do. So it hurts to look at that smile of hers. It's like karma or something.

      • Kakeru: It's my fault. If I hadn't left her alone back then...(thinks back to when he didn't kiss Yuka when she asked him to) Please be safe, Yuka. (Takahisa chuckles) What's so funny?
        Takahisa: Sorry! Don't get pissed off. I'm just amazed by how openly you can show your feelings for a girl.
        Kakeru: What? (clinches his fist)
        Takahisa: I was just wondering, if she disappeared, would I be as frantic as you?

      • Yukiko: Let's split up and find her.
        Misuzu: It's dangerous, but we don't have a choice. Yukiko, Kukuri, let's split up and search the area around the school.
        Yukiko: Roger.
        Misuzu: Kakeru and Takahisa are both in bad shape. Search inside the school, while you wait to recover your strength.
        Kakeru: No, I'll...
        Takahisa: Hey, don't play leader here.
        Misuzu: If you find her, head straight back to the school and meet up with Kakeru and Takahisa. Takahisa will send up a pillar of flame as our signal to head back. You'll do that much for us, right?
        Takahisa: Whatever, captain-dono.

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