Season 1 Episode 8

Witching Hour

Aired Tuesday 10:00 PM Nov 24, 2009 on Chiba TV
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Witching Hour
Yuka has finally awakened her power and she wishes to protect Kakeru by using it but Kakeru does not want her to use her power because he fears that it could harm her. Meanwhile, the Black Knight, Superbia, has a plan to eliminate the "fragments." What is her plan and why is Shiori acting strangely?moreless

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Youji Ueda

Youji Ueda


Recurring Role

Kaori Mizuhashi

Kaori Mizuhashi

Kaori Natsuki

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Ayano Niina

Ayano Niina


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    • (Kakeru and Yuka hear a noise)
      Kakeru: It's the second floor. I'll go take a look.
      Yuka: No, I'll go too! If something happens to you, my power can...
      Kakeru: No, Yuka. I don't want you using your power.
      Yuka: Why? Do you not like me anymore?
      Kakeru: What are you talking about? That's not it. If you use your power, you get tired. I don't want you to suffer.

    • Takahisa: (to Yukiko) So now, that person's gone for you...You must have really suffered. But don't worry. Now, you have another, OK? (Yukiko drops her drink and hugs him)

    • Shiori: Sensei?
      Teacher: What's wrong, Momoro?
      Shiori: I'm not feeling well, so I'm going to the nurse's office.
      Teacher: I see. Can you go alone?
      Shiori: Yes.
      Tadashi: Sensei, I'm going with her! No! I'm staying with her forever!
      Shiori: He isn't.
      Tadashi: Scary.

    • Kaori: (notices Tadashi making a paper airplane) What are you doing?
      Tadashi: A flying love letter!
      Kaori: Huh?
      Tadashi: Shiori-chan, grab it! (he flies it to Shiori) Love-love air mail from Tadashi-kun!
      (Shiori catches it and crumples it up into a ball)
      Kaori: Crash.
      (Tadashi cries out)
      Teacher: Teruya, what are you doing?
      Tadashi: Listen to this, sensei! My love-love air mail-
      Teacher: You idiot! We're in class!
      Tadashi: Oh, were we?
      (everyone starts laughing)
      Kaori: What an idiot.

    • Lieselotte: Though decayed into the Witch of Time, even I still have a heart. My passion for you, my true, pure-hearted love. I swear...This world that you hated, this world that stole your future...Yes...I shall destroy it. I love you, Velad.

    • Misuzu: I don't know why she's in the Red Night. Why she is a Black Knight...But she is.
      Kakeru: That's impossible. She lived seventy years ago. She must be dead now.
      Misuzu: The Red Night lacks the concept of "time." You remember, right? The way we can spend hours there, only to return to find no time at all has passed.

    • Yukiko: I hate the Red Night, but thanks to it, I have friends again. I met people who accepted me. And I met you, Takahisa-sempai. I love you all. I love you all so much!

    • Yukiko: I've seen so much death. I've seen people I love die, right in front of me. I couldn't take it anymore. My heart and mind shattered and the other me was birthed.

    • Takahisa: Kakeru?
      Yukiko: Yes, I... (she thinks back to when she accidentally hurt Kakeru in their last battle)
      Takahisa: Who cares?
      Yukiko: But...
      Takahisa: You were in the middle of a fight. It's his fault for runing around, unable to defend himself. If you worry about stuff like that, you'll lose fights you'd otherwise win. The most important thing is winning. Surviving. If he ends up not making it, then that was his fate.
      Yukiko: That's sad. Then you end up all alone.

    • Kakeru: What are you doing?
      Misuzu: Double-checking the barrier.
      Kakeru: The barrier?
      Misuzu: It's placed around the estate. Should an oni come, the barrier will activate.
      Kakeru: Oni? What's the meaning of this? I thought we were safe in this world.
      Misuzu: Better safe than sorry.

    • Misuzu: When we're swallowed by the Red Night, we only fight because the Black Knights chase us. We fight to protect ourselves.
      Takahisa: Can't be helped. They're attacking us.
      Misuzu: What do they mean by "fragments"? The six of us have nothing in common except the fact that we're students. To what sin of ours do they refer?
      Takahisa: (kicks the table) They attack us! We fight! And since we're fighting, I'm going to win! That's all.

    • Takahisa: That power's pretty useful. Yuka's. Using it, we might be able to win. Of course, it also neutralizes our powers, as well.
      Misuzu: To win...Takahisa, what should we try to win against?

    • Avaritia: So, this is the result of our pride.
      Superbia: They know not what they are. No force in this world is as terrifying as innocence.

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