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12 oz. Mouse

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From the co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, and Space Ghost comes 12 oz. Mouse, the story of a drunk mouse named Mouse Fitzgerald. He used to work for a secret government agency, and had a wife and a child. But one day he was brainwashed, and placed where he is today. He's recovering lost memories of his family and job, some of which are not real, with help of his friend Skillet, Eye, Rhoda, Liquor, and Roostre, who might be in a similar situation as Fitz. Meanwhile, Fitz is being watched over by Shark and the Rectangular Business Man...

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  • I don't like it!

    not only the animation is drawn by a preschooler but I don't get the jokes and They talk very slow if you listen carefully. I mean really? A green mouse who is alcoholic. I have watched this when New episodes of 12 oz mouse were on and I was freaking 5! 5! and even that was bad.

    12 oz mouse has to be the greatest cartoon EVER with ATHF in second. it genius and actually feels like one long dream, its surreal as shit. the parts with the shark and him in the office with the clock ticking and slowly moving across the wall in the background.... genius. and the shitty animation is awesome, they do that on purpose for sure. and 12 oz mouse has to be one of the coolest characters ever created. and skillet is SO FUCKING ANNOYING its hilarious. if you dont find 12 oz mouse hilarious you are an idiot who only gets a laugh from curse words+dick/fart jokes (not saying i dont find that funny) but this crap is for people who are sick of mainstream comedy and want something awesome and totally different. to bad it was cancelledmoreless
  • One of the most unique cartoons ever made

    12 Oz mouse is truly something different. It follows its own rules and does not try to be the least bit conventional. Very few cartoons I've seen have come close to having such a different, surrealist atmosphere. Ignore those who say it "has no plot" or "is just random crap". They either only watched an episode or two, or just didn't pay attention. Sure, the show is certainly not without its random/slow moments, especially in the earlier episodes. But it all eventually becomes part of a fairly complex plot , one that requires your full attention to understand. Not everything is explained though, some blanks you have to fill in for yourself. Aesthetic wise, yes it is pretty simple. Not that I've ever cared though. Despite the simplicity/"crudeness" all the characters are unique and interesting in appearance and personality, which more or less makes up for lacking animation quality.

    Much of this show is love-it-or-hate-it, but if you go into it with an open mind there's plenty to enjoy here, including a rather spectacular climax and conclusion in the last few episodes.moreless
  • It ranks right up there with Squidbillies as one of Adult Swim's worst shows ever created

    Just like Squidbillies, 12 oz. Mouse suffers the same stupid things, no humor, no plot, and is too random. But there are two things 12 oz. Mouse does worse than Squidbillies, the artwork and animation. To put it bluntly, the artwork and animation makes Squidbillies look very talented in comparison, the drawings look terrible and were done by a 2 year old that was forced to draw for the show, and the animation is so choppy and stiff it makes Squidbillies' animation look smooth. The characters are just boring and offer no humor at all in the show, it sounds like they are stoned and drunk while trying to be humorous but fails. As for the premise, there is none, there is no story, no plot, nothing, even Squidbillies had a premise, even though it was stupid it did have one. The plots are all over the place and have plot points throughout each episode that are forgotten or never resolved. I am certainly glad this show got canceled in a year and I am glad it is never shown again. It ranks right up there with Squidbillies, it has no premise, no story, no character, just absolute pain and suffering for 15 minutes. Some people say it has depth but I see more depth in a kiddie pool than this show. For the love of God, do not watch, look at, think about, or even do a quick glance at 12 oz. Mouse, stay far away from this ugly excuse of a show.moreless
  • Wow,Adult Swim has really lowered his standards

    Omg this is far the worst animated show ive ever seen!I wouldnt even call that animation.It makes mr. Meaty look beautifull.I hate everything about this show.The characters are weird,too weird for their own good.The episodes are just plain stupid and too random.The humor is stupid,i mean,they laugh at their own jokes like stoners,how pathetic.And the fans are talking about some deph this show has.I dont see no freaking deph,i only see bulls*it!Thank god it ended!Oh,more words.Ok.This show sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucksmoreless

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