12 oz. Mouse

Season 2 Episode 1


Aired Sunday 12:55 AM Sep 24, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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As Shark's party comes to a close, and as Mouse's flashbacks begin to get scary, Roostre, Golden Joe and Peanut Cop break out of Mouse's jet, and begin to explore. But Roostre's getting to close to "restarting"...
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      • (Mouse is still behind the bookcase)
        Mouse: This is my office...or is it?
        (Mouse sees a present on the table and opens it, revealing a very familiar...)
        Mouse: Necktie.
        (Mouse then has a flashback to his birthday, where he got that same necktie)
        Mouse: Wow, this is a great necktie. Thanks.
        Mouse's Wife: You have to wear it.
        Mouse: I really like it.
        Mouse's Wife: You have to wear it now.
        Mouse: I'll put it on in the morning.
        Mouse's Wife: The morning was to late. Put it on now.
        Mouse: Was.
        Mouse's Wife: You have to put it on now.
        Mouse: Okay, here.
        (Mouse holds the necktie up to his collar bone, not touching his neck.)
        Mouse: How's this?
        Mouse's Wife: Tie it. Around you neck. It has to make contact with your flesh.
        Mouse: Its late. I'll tie it tomorrow.
        Mouse's Wife: Tomorrow is too late. Now is time.

      • (Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, and Roostre are still trapped in the jet car)
        Roostre: So you say you've done this before, and its gotta work.
        Peanut Cop: Its rocketry. Your pee...is like rocketry because it rockets out, you know? And if you have two rockets, step back, here go the rockets.
        Roostre: Alright, just do it and don't get any on me.
        (Peanut Cop start peeing toward the windows of the jet, until he's hit by Golden Joe's large...joe)
        Peanut Cop: Oh...is that you Joe?
        (Together they break the glass with their pee)
        Roostre: Holy crap it worked!
        (They still continue to pee)
        Roostre: Okay, okay it worked! Now stop.
        Golden Joe: You can't tell me when to stop man, you can't tell my jet to stop! Man, that's messed up, I can't stop!
        (They still continue to pee, Peanut Cop starts filling a convertable with urine, while Golden Joe writes 'Golden Jospeh' on the wall)

      • (Shark's car is filled with urine)
        Shark: I want to open the door, but I'm scared.

      • Rectangle: Ficads of this expense are becoming unpopular with my investors.
        Shark: You're investors are one.
        Rectangle: I don't know if you know this but there are many people who make one.
        Shark: One is enough... for too much.
        Rectangle: Your jealousy overwhelms your reputation.
        Shark: My reputation is big time, and recorded, you are eyeless and squared.
        Rectangle: 60 of what you think is a reputation for one, is your downfall.
        Shark: well, we'll see about that in due time. Won't we?
        Rectangle: Time is due indeed.

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