12 oz. Mouse

Season 2 Episode 13


Aired Sunday 12:55 AM Dec 17, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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    Its like only 11 minutes long and its got more packed into it than a 1000 pounds of diamonds stuffed into a 5 pound bag. Once you figure out what the ASPRIND really is - you will begin to understand everything!

    WoW!!! It will take weeks to fully disect this season finale. Its supposed to be the end, but is it?

    After all these haunting words indicate - maybe not.

    "Golden Joe is confused by what Fitz said, and he and Peanut Cop say that they thought "this was finished." Fitz says he did too, "but I guess we're not."

    AWESOME!! This is better than Dave Bowmans trip inside the Monolith.

    To the KILL JOY out there who keeps rating everything 1.0 - 42 23 16 15 8 4 - EXECUTE.