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  • Just wow

    Absolutely astonishing. Starts off a stoner cartoon for adult swim fans and ends up one of the smartest and interesting cartoons ever made. More episodes would be appreciated. Everything is flawless here.
  • Just lazy in everyway possible like they put 12 oz of effort into this creation

    Not only does this barely qualify to be an animated cartoon, but it is one of the worst shows in everyway. Even the writing is lazy, the characters are forgettable, and the voice work not engaging or passable. I mean seriously couldn't the makers obtain more funding? This might have been forgivable if the segments lasted only a few minutes maximum and they were shorts for another show. It's as if the writers paid candy and toys to a few kids with basic computer skills to do basic animations on Microsoft Paint. Just because something can be done cheaply and with so little effort doesn't mean it ought to be attempted. In the end no one really tried and this show isn't worth viewers' attention due to the fact that the creators put no real thought or effort into show. There are some lazy half baked cartoons out there but this one deserves the prize if such a prize for such a dishonor existed. It is only remembered for how lazy and brainless it was.
  • Most lazy and pathetic excuse of a cartoon ever

    Now I won't say this show is as bad as some abominations like Mr. Pickles, Fred, the annoying Orange, Clarence or even Breadwinners, but good grief... this show wins hands down the laziest when it comes to quality animation standards. This feels like something a 12 year old would come up with.

    Who in their right mind thought this pathetic POS is good enough to be greenlighted? I think they need their head examined for mental insanity.

    That goes double for the creators themselves. Did they really think people would love something this badly produced? It's people like these why I have no faith in modern media.
  • Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

    The story writing is ok stoner humor, but my gosh the animation is just so lazy. Even if this shows creators were on a budget they should have used flash animation like Aqua Team or Squidbillies. This is so bad animation wise it is just hard to ignore. This is once again a poor [Adult Swim] show that vanished and is running in reruns just to remind us how bad the late night station can be.
  • I don't like it!

    not only the animation is drawn by a preschooler but I don't get the jokes and They talk very slow if you listen carefully. I mean really? A green mouse who is alcoholic. I have watched this when New episodes of 12 oz mouse were on and I was freaking 5! 5! and even that was bad.

    12 oz mouse has to be the greatest cartoon EVER with ATHF in second. it genius and actually feels like one long dream, its surreal as shit. the parts with the shark and him in the office with the clock ticking and slowly moving across the wall in the background.... genius. and the shitty animation is awesome, they do that on purpose for sure. and 12 oz mouse has to be one of the coolest characters ever created. and skillet is SO FUCKING ANNOYING its hilarious. if you dont find 12 oz mouse hilarious you are an idiot who only gets a laugh from curse words+dick/fart jokes (not saying i dont find that funny) but this crap is for people who are sick of mainstream comedy and want something awesome and totally different. to bad it was cancelled
  • One of the most unique cartoons ever made

    12 Oz mouse is truly something different. It follows its own rules and does not try to be the least bit conventional. Very few cartoons I've seen have come close to having such a different, surrealist atmosphere. Ignore those who say it "has no plot" or "is just random crap". They either only watched an episode or two, or just didn't pay attention. Sure, the show is certainly not without its random/slow moments, especially in the earlier episodes. But it all eventually becomes part of a fairly complex plot , one that requires your full attention to understand. Not everything is explained though, some blanks you have to fill in for yourself. Aesthetic wise, yes it is pretty simple. Not that I've ever cared though. Despite the simplicity/"crudeness" all the characters are unique and interesting in appearance and personality, which more or less makes up for lacking animation quality.

    Much of this show is love-it-or-hate-it, but if you go into it with an open mind there's plenty to enjoy here, including a rather spectacular climax and conclusion in the last few episodes.
  • It ranks right up there with Squidbillies as one of Adult Swim's worst shows ever created

    Just like Squidbillies, 12 oz. Mouse suffers the same stupid things, no humor, no plot, and is too random. But there are two things 12 oz. Mouse does worse than Squidbillies, the artwork and animation. To put it bluntly, the artwork and animation makes Squidbillies look very talented in comparison, the drawings look terrible and were done by a 2 year old that was forced to draw for the show, and the animation is so choppy and stiff it makes Squidbillies' animation look smooth. The characters are just boring and offer no humor at all in the show, it sounds like they are stoned and drunk while trying to be humorous but fails. As for the premise, there is none, there is no story, no plot, nothing, even Squidbillies had a premise, even though it was stupid it did have one. The plots are all over the place and have plot points throughout each episode that are forgotten or never resolved. I am certainly glad this show got canceled in a year and I am glad it is never shown again. It ranks right up there with Squidbillies, it has no premise, no story, no character, just absolute pain and suffering for 15 minutes. Some people say it has depth but I see more depth in a kiddie pool than this show. For the love of God, do not watch, look at, think about, or even do a quick glance at 12 oz. Mouse, stay far away from this ugly excuse of a show.
  • Wow,Adult Swim has really lowered his standards

    Omg this is far the worst animated show ive ever seen!I wouldnt even call that animation.It makes mr. Meaty look beautifull.I hate everything about this show.The characters are weird,too weird for their own good.The episodes are just plain stupid and too random.The humor is stupid,i mean,they laugh at their own jokes like stoners,how pathetic.And the fans are talking about some deph this show has.I dont see no freaking deph,i only see bulls*it!Thank god it ended!Oh,more words.Ok.This show sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks sucks
  • I love it more than usual now.

    A green alcoholic mouse gets hired by a Shark and goes around doing odd jobs. I personally like this show at some points, mostly I watch this show because of the Peanut Cop, he's hilarious. A lot of people don't like this show due to the crappy drawn characters or the background isn't colored, but I don't care about animation, I only care about the humor of the show. I seen most of the episodes except for the few last episodes of the series. This show is pretty great and is very underrated in some ways. Hopefully, Adult Swim is re-running a few episodes nowadays, but at a very horrible timeslot. (4 AM) Final Grade: A
  • just read my review!

    I like this show but I understand why some people wouldn't. This show is like Chowder except the jokes are harder to understand. People also criticize the animation because it looks like a two year old drew it but the animation suits a bizarre show about a mouse and his friend Skillet (a squirrel) going around doing random stuff. Good writing!

    My favorite episodes are "Spider" and "Star Wars VII.

    The plots of these episodes are below.

    A big spider appears in Fitz's house(the spider will become a character) Skillet escapes the new guy and rejoins Fitz

    Star Wars VII
    Fitz and Skillet find a haunted cold phone that speaks to them about nerd stuff. Meanwhile Shark's car won't start.
  • Looks as though it was drawn by a 3 year old stuck in a room and forced to do animation

    Overall, this has to be one of the worst shows I've ever seen on the nightly program known as [adult swim]. It has the absolute worst graphics I've ever seen on ANY cartoon (or whatever the heck this is) show. Please do us all a favor and cancel this piece of crap.
  • Two words: Terrible animation!!

    Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh!! Oh my gosh!!! What kind of mental retard would actually make a show with 3 year old style animation!! Holy flaming crap cakes!!!!! The background doesn't even have color! I've seen some pretty bad animation before like HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi(which I extremely hate), The X's, and Sqidbillies but this is just plain sickening! Crappy animation indeed and the brief pauses in this cartoon and strange quirks aren't the least bit funny. The characters are also annoying such as that freaky mouse thing that makes weird noises...Please, save your soul and don't watch this crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • This show made me want to fart on my own head, set myself on fire, and throw myself off a bridge.

    Honestly. I mean, five-year-olds draw better than this, and the plot was utterly incomprehensible. I've seen funnier things drop out of my butt. I should pop one in an envelope and mail it to Williams Street--perhaps they'd air it. I thought upon seeing the title "12-Oz. Mouse" that it was a new Tom and Jerry cartoon a la John K's "Boo-Boo Goes Wild". I was sorely disappointed. If this is what passes for entertainment these days, I say the only thing keeping me from inking a deal to get my cartoons on the air is the conservative blacklist. Bite me, A.S.
  • What can I say? It's exactly the best. No one knows WHY it's a daily fix after the cancelation. Read more.

    It's good. Why? Because it's by the creator of the Aqua Teens. How can people hate ATHF so much?

    Anyhows... "12 oz. Mouse" is a show that's 12 ft. tall or something. He goes with the squirrel, Skillet and works with Shark.

    There are some cool (just like video games) fun facts to the awesome. Crap, we got more to that. In that case, it was seen as a clip from Space Ghost's TV as a cameo from the movie, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters," right? And Skillet is seen as a toilet paper in "Perfect Hair Forever."

    And what reeks the awesomeness and kills the show for the cancelation were 2 episodes. 1 is for episode 11 ("Star Wars VII") and episode 13 ("Auraphull").

    Just sad. Overall, not the smart move, [as]. But, we're talking about the popularity on this program block on Cartoon Network. Because of SGC2C and ATHF. Number 1 in the hood, G. Right?

    I'll say one thing. Not bad, but it needs a daily fix and a need to say this, "12 OZ. MOUSE FOREVER!"
  • about a mouse how runs around gets drunk and shoots people in a rock car taxie

    Not completly terrible leaps and bounds ahead of tom goes to mayor and tim and erik awsome show at least this is somewhat entertaining and the guy that made it worked on aqua teen hunger force and I love that show but 12oz mouse is just a swim and miss I am not a fan of the animations to crude even to be remotly funny there are some funny parts and humorus dialouge but the show sill kinda suck in a way Im glad they didnt greenlight more episodes or play it anymore they need to make room for show like ATHF
  • Completely underrated!

    This show is amazing. I know this may sound "superficial" and "stubborn," but I honesty believe anyone who doesn't at least appreciate the show in some sense is an absolute idiot. I can understand someone not liking this show because it's not their bag, but I'm tired of people simply stating that they don't "get it" or that it sucks without justification. It's infuriating! This show is refreshing! I honestly hope that this show doesn't get canceled and is renewed. It's a very funny, subtle, random, and intriguing show. And that's enough of this poorly written review; I've reached the 100 word minimun.
  • Get ready for 15 minutes of pure insanity!

    This show is supposed to have crude animation and it isn't supposed to make that much sence. And that is what makes it the fun little show it is. Mouse Fitzgerald binge drinking... his friend Skillet who is just a piece of clip art... the cop who is a Marajuana-smoking peanut thing... that lady who can never stop saying "Sir, do not park your car here. Sir, you cannot park your car here..." The insanity and randomness is why I watch it sometimes. While it is not the best cartoon out there, it is probably the weirdest. Give it a chance!
  • Stop flaming this show. Its really a good show with a good plotline.

    Serially, I'm super duper serial. Stop flaming this show. A lot of you (about 90% of you) hate this show just because of the animation. Well, the animation is carppy so it can focus on the plotline. What's that you say? No plotline? Well, you are very wrong. People don't realize the plotline because they pay too much attention to the animation. Well, if you payed attention very very very closely, and watched all the episodes, you would discover a plot. What's that plot? I'm leaving that to you.
  • A saga of action.

    The entire series takes a while to understand due to its "incoherent" dialogue, but once you understand the plotline, you'll fall in love with it. Mouse is a lovable character who goes on crazy and out of the ordinary adventures in the series with his partner Skillet. The animation does seem a tad tacky but the style sort of gives a feel to it's theme and character.
  • A great show with a mysterious storyline under its randomly hilarious skin.

    This show, at first look, is funny. It's random, and to some, it may seem stupid. But if it brings you back with its funny jokes and crude drawings, you will see something else that the show brings to the table. And that is a mysterious storyline that grabs you and won't let you go. You will be thinking about the stuff that happens in this show all day, and then, maybe you will be able to find a connection between the events and characters. Basically, if you watch more than one episode, you're hooked. It's too bad the episodes are only 15 minutes long.
  • Weird and Brilliant

    this is a great show - refreshing and innovative. its randomness is only punctuated by the subtleness of its humor. oh, and since i'm not a high enough level to send anybody this info, under Cast Information you kids mislabeled the voice of the eyeball - he is voiced by NICK INGKATANUWAT (a previous adult swim employee of the moment: http://www.adultswim.com/williams/eotm/nick_i.html ).
  • This show is even worse than SquidBillies!

    The show's plot is uninteresting. It's just a mouse that has a job as a Jet Taxi driver and gets into all sorts of trouble. Boring. The jokes don't even make me smile. The animation is disgusting, it looks like a 3-year old drew it.
    I don't like this show, but that's my opinion. I'll say one thing positive about it: The theme song is great! That saves it from a 0.
    Overall, bad plots, jokes, animation, and characters, but a good theme song.
  • There is something to it, if you can get past the animation.

    First of all, the animation is crap and obviously a lot of people are going to be turned off of the show because of that. It’s just not for everybody. But for those who enjoy the animation, or at least can put up with it, the show has a lot to offer.

    What does this show do that makes it so special? It allows a mystery/psychological thriller to be absurd and funny. On the one hand, you have Home Movies-style just-some-guys-talking dialogue, and on the other hand, these random-seeming bits of dialogue and weird events actually have some greater significance. This at the same time enhances the mystery, because anything that has significance can be passed of as randomness. Something can be a joke that works perfectly well on its own, and at the same time have some connection to the "big picture".

    Of course, it's also possible that this is just a practical joke of sorts, since it's easy to give the impression of some greater meaning when the writers can pretty much do whatever they want at any given time. But even so it's fun to make up theories as to what's going on.

    And what is the "big picture" in this show? I don't want to give anything away (be it real or imagined), but one major theme is controlling people through confusion, memory alteration and other sorts of mental manipulation. This works very well with the prevalence of drug references in the show, providing two sides for the comedy/mystery dichotomy. also, the characters seem to be conscious of the absurdity of the world they inhabit, a fact which is sometimes accepted unthinkingly, sometimes questioned, and sometimes just pointed in a sort of "hey, things are weird" fashion.

    In a way, this show does what Shakespeare did: it appeals to the intellect, and it's good for a cheap laugh.
  • ????

    The only "Good" shows on Adult Swim are Family Guy, Futurama, Robot Chicken, and ATHF, but 12 Oz. mouse is nothing but a joke. Yes the animation looks bad, but I ask myself, "Did they do this to be funny?" I love creepy looking rats, but it seems like he isn't as funny as I thought it would be.

    The plot overall is lame and the voices sound very dull. I don't hear any voice that is exciting or cheery either.

    Avoid this at all costs and it is definately not worth staying up till midnight to watch this junk.

    Long live Family Guy!
  • sucks.

    let\'s see... I have to make this one hundred words, otherwise this review won\'t show. I mean, it really doesn\'t need a lot to say that this show sucks. The animation is horrible, and the people who voice everything is in monotone. I don\'t know how this, Squidbillies, and Perfect Hair Forever ever made the Adult Swim block. It appears like the network was justing fulfilling their contract obligations to the creaters of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, The Brak Show, etc, etc. Turns out that the shows all became a big pile of crap that we see now. There is no love in this show.

    In a word: It Sucks.
  • Strange

    For trying something different, this show should get a 10. But, there's a lot of other factors that go into this. For instance, it is poorly executed. A good concept of poor drawing and awkward dialogue comedy, but it falls flat on its badly drawn face. Nice try Williams Street.
  • don't trust the [as] action crowd!

    Yes, the animation is that of a retarded child set loose on ms paint, yes the dialog is unscripted heavy drunk banter, but this show is one of the greats! Remember when TGTTM first came out and everyone hated it. Then Tenacious D showed up and now they love it. Make your own decision, this is for accuired tastes, watch and decide.
  • Terribly irrelevant dialogue coupled with needlessly awkward silences and terrible animation give this show few rewarding qualities.

    Not only is it full of long terrbily unfunny awkward siliences, needlessly drawn out fight scenes and dialoge that is TOO irrelevant, the animation is also the worst I've ever seen. I would have been fine with the awful artwork if it was funny, but it's not so it really has little to offer in anything.
  • People just hate it because of its animation. Try to give it a chance. Aren't we told that we don't have to judge something by its looks? Actually, this is one of the smartest shows on AS!

    Okay, people just hate it because the animation and because they say there's no plot. Actually there's a plot. You have to watch the episodes in order to get it. The plot requires you think. All the randomness in the first episodes begins to make sense in the latter one and the plot begins to develop. The plot is actually about the Mouse, his mysterious past, and a conspiration plotting to destroy him.

    Give it a chance and don't judge it by its looks. It can actually make you laugh. Just be sure to watch the episodes in order.
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