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The CW (ended 2009)


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  • 13 possibly needs a few weeks to find it's feet. While not mind blowing entertainment, it's interesting enough to at least give it a chance to say how it pans (or bombs) out.

    I'm not going to bury 13 just yet because I still don't think we've seen enough of it yet to make a final decision. To summarise the show, it's basically a load of people in the woods doing various challenges. At the end of the show 2 or more people take part in the "execution ritual" the loser of course being "executed". There is also a side plot involving the death box, the signifigance of which has yet to be revealed. It's sort of a mixture of SAW & Blair Witch in a survivor game show type setting. The show needs a little bit of work to liven it up, because while at present, it may hold my interest for another few weeks, I will start to get bored if nothing progresses. It's main problem is the challenges. There is just nothing gritty enough, running around a dark forest looking for a partner, finding them and making your way back out again, is just not what I'd call a challenge. I think the trouble with this show is, they want us to believe that everyone is is grave danger, but it doesn't try very hard to actually make us believe it. In fact it's just the opposite, I found myself saying "Yeah!! like they are ever going to let their contestants get eaten by alligators". Sadly I don't think the show will take off simply because of the fact we know they are not in any real danger and no amount of screaming, (much of which looks like it has been edited in afterwards) will convince us otherwise.
  • I'm sure it'd be pretty scary to live it but just really not that great of a show to watch.

    Evidently the shows not doing too good, as following tonight's episode, they have moved the show to Friday nights. Moving the show is always the first indication that it's not doing good. The concept of the show is that you have 13 people out in the middle of the woods in a creepy 1 room small cabin. Each night the mastermind will call the contests and have them do some stunt, that could be something like 1 person being tied to a chair in the middle of the woods and your teammate has to find you. The loosing team goes to the execution ceremony one person is "killed off". The first execution ceremony was two people were suppose to be buried alive. Except the person who got out kicked out the end of the coffin and escaped that way. I knew they wouldn't actually be in danger but you'd think they'd atleast make them go out the top of the coffin. I'm sure the show is scary to participate in but it just really doesn't translate well to tv. It's a mildly entertaining show that I'll probably continue watching due to it moving to Fridays and just to see what happens but I'd be highly surprised if the show comes for another run.