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15/Love is a comedy/drama about coming-of-age in a unique, high-pressure environment. The series follows a group of young hopefuls at the internationally renowned Cascadia Tennis Academy, where they live, love, laugh, fight, cry and dream their way through adolescence. 15/Love Airs: (On YTV) Monday-Thursday at 11:30 p.m. and Sunday and Monday at 3:30 a.m.

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  • Keep on going!

    This is the best show on the face of the earth and anyone who hates it is not ever going to be a friend of mine. I give it 110% and they made it perfectly. There was no reason to stop it. 1 more season please!! I have ideas for the whole thing!! If it was the actors getting too old then I'll just make a pout but if the writer had no more ideas then I will take over and me the writeer....MWUHAHAHA. President Bates and Dr. Alba would get married, Squib and Cody would get married, Adena would come back and visit Cascadia and marry Jesse, Cassidy and Rick would get married, and Sunny would turn nice and give all the brides and grooms really big wedding presents.....you'll have to ask me for the full scoop. :Dmoreless
  • It revolves around a set of friends trying to make it big in the gruelling and competitive world of tennis.

    I was up late one night and came across this show on Nickelodeon.

    It didn't immediately catch my interest because I don't really care about tennis, but still I tuned in every night and slowly fell in love with each character.

    Each one has their own strengths that make them a great tennis player and it was always fun to watch the persepctive of an outsider to the tennis world - Cody because I felt that I learnt more about the game at the same pace she did.

    It was quite heartbreaking when I found out that the arc about two of Cascadia's students dying in a plane crash was actually imitating life - though replacing plane with car. Talent was lost but was replaced by newcomers that were equally as talented... Especially Tanis for she probably has the same temper as me!moreless
  • 15 Love is funny and addictive

    15 Love is a comedy/ drama about young teenagers playing their way up the ranks of their Tennis Academy, (Cascadia Tennis Academy)where relationships are formed and broken, majorly distracting the A grade players.

    Squib Furlong takes his tennis very seriously and is willing the train to great lengths to be the best he can be. His friend Cody, (the daughter of the academy's psychiatrist) and Squib get along very closely but they can't express their true feelings for each other.Adena and tannis ,two room mates, are always trying to trick the academy's star player Sunny Capaduca.

    15 love is an excellent TV show for teenagers who can even relate to the show.moreless
  • The story of a group of adolescent friends and their dreams to one day become pro tennis stars. Watch as they grow up and face the real world with romance, mischief, hilarity and heartaches on and off the court.moreless

    This show is one of my personnal favourites. It's majorly addicting and I can't stop. I seem to always make time for it. When I first saw the commercials for it, I thought it was lame and stupid because it's about a bunch of teens going to some tennis academy. But when I really had nothing to do one day, I just turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. And then I came upon the show and I watched it... and liked it a lot. It always seems to make me laugh somehow and love the show more than I already do. Now, I make sure I see as many of the epsiodes I can. Especially because season 3 is now airing. Even though I haven't seen all of season 1 & 2, but that's now a goal I have to reach.moreless
  • I love this show.It is about all that happens to the characters at Cascadia tennis academy.Through love, comedy, and some drama.

    I love this show.It is about all that happens to the characters at Cascadia tennis academy.Through love, comedy, and some drama.The show has everthing that i enjoy to watch.I love the passion of tennis that still portrays that there's more to these well-characterd teens than meets the eye.This show is one of the best,in my opinion!

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