Season 2 Episode 9

About a Girl

Aired Unknown Nov 07, 2005 on YTV



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    • This episode contradicts itself as it has someone smart and someone athletic break up, and it's said they don't work. Then it has someone smart and someone athletic get together, and it's said they are a perfect match.

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    • The episode title may be a pun to the movie, About a Boy (2002) which is about the story of a cynical, immature young man who is taught how to act like a grown-up by a little boy.

    • The episode title is a reference to a movie, About a Girl (2001) about the devastating portrait of a young girl and her doomed life.

    • The ending of this episode is a reference to "Fixed Doubles". In both of them you find out that two people faked a break up so they wouldn't have to leave. Although, this episode sort of implies that the relationship won't work out.