Season 1 Episode 13

Curve balls

Aired Unknown Jan 17, 2005 on YTV
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Curve balls
Megan and Sebastien are chosen to participate in a special tournament overseas. Adena felling she should have been chosen decides to make a name for herself by trying to get into the record books. Menawhile Squib is being challenged by Cameron, a lower ranked player. If Cameron beats him, Squib will fall from an A rank player to B rank. And finally shocking news hits Cascadia that will change everything.moreless

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  • In this episode Sebastian and Megan die.

    I luv this one it was so sad all I did was cry Meg and Seb die ( they also did in real life ) wat made me mad tho was dat after dis ep dey neva showed wat happened 2 Seb's dad, if u havent watched this ep u HAVE 2~ ! ! !! ! itz awesome even if it is sad. I wish dey wouldn't have died but no matta wat I will always luv dis show hopefully it doesn't get cancelled ever!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! !! ! ! ! : ( In real life Megan and Seb die in a car accident going 2 da set of 15/ love, but in da show , dey die in a plane dat crashed of da coast of an island. In dis ep. also Adena and Sunny win a record 4 longest tennis match. They were so happy until dey found out!! neway I suggest u watch it!moreless
  • The sadest episode of any show.

    The sadest episode of any show. I cant watch this episode I cry too much. I cry even thinking about it. My parent's thought I was having a heat attackthe first time I saw It. My friend fainted when she leaned that Vadim died.She Had a crush on him.

    RIP Jaclyn and Vadim
  • Saddest of all episodes, I cry everytime I watch it. You never expect these things to happen.

    Saddest episode ever. Squib loses to a group B player, Cameron, and is bumped down a level, while Cameron moves up to group A. Adena is full of self-pity when Megan goes to a tournament overseas even though Adena's ranking is higher. She tries to get better publicity by trying to break a world record for the longest tennis rally with Sunny, while Rick tries to stop them. After they win, Coach Gunnerson calls all of his students get some horrific news. Megan and Sebastien we're killed in a plane crash comming back from the Hammsted tournament. It ends in a beautiful song titled 'Symphonic' by Emm Gryner. The episode was dedicated to Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Shneider, the actors who played Megan and Sebastien. They we're killed in a car accident on their way to the 15/love set. So once again I say, saddest episode ever.moreless
  • This episode was hard hitting and even though I have seen it twice, it still makes me cry everytime. It was well played out and surprising, but one of my favourite episode and one of the best in the series. You havent seen this episode, you've mimoreless

    Curve Balls starts off like any other 15/Love episode. But soon, we learn that Adena and Sunny are attempting to beat a world record for longest tennis game to get the cover of the chronicle and Squib is going to be challenged by a lower ranked player Cameron . Sebastian and Megan do not appear in this episode because they are at an overseas tennis competition. This is one of the reasons why Adena is trying to set a world record. She thought that she should be the one going overseas - since she is 3 points above Megan in rankings. After a short talk with Gunnerson, he reminds her that rankings were only one of the things looked at when deciding who would be going to the competition and life sometimes throws you curve balls. She accepts and in the end, Adena and Sunny beat the records and play for 10 hours straight. In between all of this, Rick does everything he can to try and stop them from getting a cover. He had planned everything on how he would get the cover of the chronicle that month. Squib and Cameron play, and in the end Cameron wins 2 games to 1. Squib is now in group b, and may have to leave Cascadia. When he first came to Cascadia, his father told him that if he ever dropped out of group a, he would no longer be at the school. Just as Adena and Sunny start celebrating and Squib loses his game, Coach Gunnerson\'s students are all called to one court - where Cody follows. And finally, Cascadia is hit with the worst news of all... A plane near the edge of London crashed a little while after the tennis competition and sebastian and megan were on that plane. Unfortunately, there were no survivors... Everyone is in shock and the episode ends with Adena, Cody and Squib sitting on the bleachers by the court where Squib and Sebastian played their first game againt each other - for the largest bedroom in episode 1. They are huddled together and now have nothing to do, but get through the hard times, TOGETHER.moreless

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