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  • Season 3
    • Charity of Fire
      Charity of Fire
      Episode 14
      Violet and Squib are together, but Cody wants to approach him about her feelings. When she finally does, Squib says that they can not be together. Violet Hall is creaming everyone in the Dube-O'Connor charity; Jesse, Tanis, and Adena won't even try. How's anyone to make it through anything?
    • Man Without An Ace
      Man Without An Ace
      Episode 13
      Squib is not chosen to be the Foss Boss representitive. Cody is packed busy at her job. Jesse has no idea what to do about Adena, and Cassidy is angry at Rick over a trust issue.
    • Lucas in the Sky
      Lucas in the Sky
      Episode 12
      Rick wants to learn how to be rebellious,e takes lessons from Squib, but when Bates doesn't freak out after numerous things (insults, students skipping, tennis balls to the head) the gang is starting to get realyl worried. Which is when they suspect that Bates has a crush on someone. The whole school is out of control, and a newspaper reporter is coming to interview them, within a few hours! Adena and Lucas seem to hit it off well, and Jesse is always there to ruin it for Adena.moreless
    • With Friends like These
      Adena's dad is trying to get her to quit tennis, and he's willing to do anything, and everything. Squib, Rick, Squib choose to help Sunny get out of her new phase, well, with a little bribing they do. Once they finally get her back to normal, though, they find that she won't leave them alone.moreless
    • War is an Ugly Thing
      Adena and Squib help Jesse and Rick win Cassidy's heart. But who will she really go for? Meanwhile, there is a hot water shortage. Squib and Cody find a solution to get around it.
    • Except it Happened Like This
      When Cascadia's precious crystal sculpture is found broken, Bates automatically blames Squib. Now Squib has 24 hours to clear his name by piecing together everyone's story.
    • Over the Line
      Over the Line
      Episode 8
      Adena and her boss are now best friends. They're nice to each other, they go shopping together, they even check out guys together. Adena is ignoring Cody, and she's starting to get fed up. Jesse starts trying out enhancement drugs, and once Squib finds out he tries to get Jesse to quit.moreless
    • Road Trip
      Road Trip
      Episode 7
      Adena, Squib, Cassidy, Jesse, and Rick are all going on a road trip to compete in a tennis tournament. Cody is along for the ride to write an article. Jesse gets Rick mad, Sunny annoys Adena, and for some reason Cody keeps refusing to write stuff the others suggest.
    • Between a Brock and a Hard Place
      A major client at the tennis magazine that Cody works at wants Cody to be the new face of tennis, the new model. ...But Adena keeps on nagging Cody on how it shouldn't be her. Is it just because Adena's jealous, or is she right? Brock's girlfriend is starting to make a move on Jesse, but why?moreless
    • Foul Play
      Foul Play
      Episode 5
      Sunny's always been destined for stardom, but maybe not in the acting business. So she doesn't get a part when Nate directs his very own play. Nobody except Cody knows that Nate wrote it though, everybody thinks she wrote, because if President Bates finds out then the play is done for.moreless
    • The Slow Burn
      The Slow Burn
      Episode 4
      Adena thinks that the coach has the hots for her after he says some stuff to her, but when Cassidy finds out what he really meant she has to find a way to break it to Adena. Squib claims he can do better than the cafeteria ladies, and so gets a job under Rick's supervision. Rick ends up cooking the food, and Squib ends up getting the credit. So after President Bates assigns Squib to cook for a sponsor dinner, he has no one to turn to.moreless
    • Playing with Matches
      Everybody is mixed up in love as all their paths keep on turning, and turning, and turning. Sunny claims she lost a game because she's sick, and maybe she is, but not in the disease type way. Adena thinks she can help. Cassidy spreads rumours about Jesse, but after a while they seem to turn on her, and she may have to deal with her past to stop it.moreless
    • Odd Couples
      Odd Couples
      Episode 2
      Nate and Cody are exactly the same. They think the same, act the same, plan surprises for each other that are the same, and even give each other the same gifts. Nate thinks this is amazing, but Cody thinks maybe they are too similar. Cassiday is fed up with people talking about relationships, so she decides to hang out with the one person who has never had one - Rick. But she doesn't know about Rick's board game. Squib wants a roommate free year, but then he finds out he's bunking with Nate for the year.moreless
    • You Can't Go Home
      Squib is back in Cascadia after going pro and getting injured. Everything has changed, Cameron is gone, so is Tanis, Cody is now with Nate, Nate has started playing, Adena has no time, and the only 'normal' person is Rick. Squib attempts to make everything normal again, but will it really work out?moreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1