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How do they film the scene where... ?

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    ... Squib gets his clothes stolen, and runs around naked trying to find them? Would Max actually have been naked? I thought he'd have worn a skin-coloured speedo or something, but then I saw a picture on his site where he's holding flowers in front of his -- ermm -- boy bits and it looked like that was all there was. I know in the video for "What's My Age Again?" they were all actually streaking except for in one scene where there was a child on the set. Does anyone know the general rule for this? In one where Rick is just holding something in front of the parts you can't show on TV, it also looked like that's all there was. Is it just the actor's choice? I'd like to know, as I am an apiring actor and my "career" -- if you could call it that -- is beginning to gain momentum, and this may be something I'm faced with.

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