Season 1 Episode 8

Mixed Up Doubles

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 2004 on YTV



  • Trivia

    • Sunny's apparent crush on Sebastien is more apparent in this episode: she wanted to pair up with Sebastien, not because of his skills in tennis, but because in mixed doubles it is a chance for the girls and boys to interact with each other.

    • Though we find out that Sunny has a crush on Sebastien, she also has a soft spot for Squib. He had rescued her public image in episode 1x02, so she repays him by pairing up with him in this episode.

  • Quotes

    • Adena: When else do you get to play with a boy's balls without getting kicked out of the yard?
      Meghan: ADENA!

  • Notes

    • The tale at Cascadia is that any pair who plays together and win, end up dating for the school year.

    • This is the first time the character Sebastien Dube have made an move towards Megan O'Conner in a more concrete way. When Megan and Sebastien lost their doubles game to Sunny and Squib, Megan apologizes thinking that if Adena played as originally meant to, he might have won. Sebastien corrected Megan by saying that Adena and him wouldn't have "worked out" (hinting that it would not have worked out romantically and on the court) because they lacked chemistry - but hinting that he and Megan did indeed have chemistry.

      This marks a turning point in these two characters as a potential match-up. Sebastien had wanted to double with Megan, but when Sunny was about to ask Sebastien to be her partner, he used Adena, who was there just about to ask him to be her (Adena's) partner, as a convenient excuse to get away from Sunny. Unfortunately, Adena thought that Sebastien wanted her as her partner and did not know that she was just a detour to get away from Sunny. This title "mixed up doubles" alludes to the mixed up partners between Sebastien and Adena, with his first choice, Megan.

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