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  • Keep on going!

    This is the best show on the face of the earth and anyone who hates it is not ever going to be a friend of mine. I give it 110% and they made it perfectly. There was no reason to stop it. 1 more season please!! I have ideas for the whole thing!! If it was the actors getting too old then I'll just make a pout but if the writer had no more ideas then I will take over and me the writeer....MWUHAHAHA. President Bates and Dr. Alba would get married, Squib and Cody would get married, Adena would come back and visit Cascadia and marry Jesse, Cassidy and Rick would get married, and Sunny would turn nice and give all the brides and grooms really big wedding presents.....you'll have to ask me for the full scoop. :D
  • It revolves around a set of friends trying to make it big in the gruelling and competitive world of tennis.

    I was up late one night and came across this show on Nickelodeon.

    It didn't immediately catch my interest because I don't really care about tennis, but still I tuned in every night and slowly fell in love with each character.

    Each one has their own strengths that make them a great tennis player and it was always fun to watch the persepctive of an outsider to the tennis world - Cody because I felt that I learnt more about the game at the same pace she did.

    It was quite heartbreaking when I found out that the arc about two of Cascadia's students dying in a plane crash was actually imitating life - though replacing plane with car. Talent was lost but was replaced by newcomers that were equally as talented... Especially Tanis for she probably has the same temper as me!
  • 15 Love is funny and addictive

    15 Love is a comedy/ drama about young teenagers playing their way up the ranks of their Tennis Academy, (Cascadia Tennis Academy)where relationships are formed and broken, majorly distracting the A grade players.

    Squib Furlong takes his tennis very seriously and is willing the train to great lengths to be the best he can be. His friend Cody, (the daughter of the academy's psychiatrist) and Squib get along very closely but they can't express their true feelings for each other.Adena and tannis ,two room mates, are always trying to trick the academy's star player Sunny Capaduca.

    15 love is an excellent TV show for teenagers who can even relate to the show.
  • The story of a group of adolescent friends and their dreams to one day become pro tennis stars. Watch as they grow up and face the real world with romance, mischief, hilarity and heartaches on and off the court.

    This show is one of my personnal favourites. It's majorly addicting and I can't stop. I seem to always make time for it. When I first saw the commercials for it, I thought it was lame and stupid because it's about a bunch of teens going to some tennis academy. But when I really had nothing to do one day, I just turned on the TV and flipped through the channels. And then I came upon the show and I watched it... and liked it a lot. It always seems to make me laugh somehow and love the show more than I already do. Now, I make sure I see as many of the epsiodes I can. Especially because season 3 is now airing. Even though I haven't seen all of season 1 & 2, but that's now a goal I have to reach.
  • I love this show.It is about all that happens to the characters at Cascadia tennis academy.Through love, comedy, and some drama.

    I love this show.It is about all that happens to the characters at Cascadia tennis academy.Through love, comedy, and some drama.The show has everthing that i enjoy to watch.I love the passion of tennis that still portrays that there's more to these well-characterd teens than meets the eye.This show is one of the best,in my opinion!
  • Well season 3 won\'t air in the Netherlands but I like the first two seasons so much. There is a good story.

    The show is really awesome. All actors play there characters very good. There are good differents between the characters. I like the story. This show is my personal favorite. Hope I can see all the episodes. I like the tennis in the show and the place where it takes place.
  • 15/Love is about a group of teen tennis players who atten Cascadia Tennis Academy. They are also kown as the "Top Guns" This teens go threw endless amounts of pressure, stress and traning. And only a few will make it to the top and succede.

    This is my most favorite TV show on the planet! You will get addicted to this awesome show. I love how the actors fit the characters so perfectly. Squib Furlong is the sweet Jerk who has a sensitive side to him and has a soft spot to the artistic Cody Myers. Cody is the super nice artist. I love her character. She's my favorite out of all of them and Adena is super pretty! The show has hilarious quotes. The episode Mempher Blues was the best. It was one of the quotes scenes in 15/Love. I love this show and it's an amazing show even if you don't play tennis. You'll be hooked.
  • An awesome canadian show, its about time!

    If anyone was ever to say that Canada never produced a great show, i would have to say that they were horribly mistaken. 15/love is a fresh look at the life of tennis, Im sure making the game more popular amoung teens. This show took the loss of 2 important cast members and made the world mourn for them, even if they didnt know they were. I've been watching this show since the first day it aired and i never miss an episode. From screaming at the screen telling Squib not to be such an idiot, to laughing my head off at Rick for being.. well Rick, this show is a really great watch and i say everyone should be watching it!
  • A decent Canadian show

    I started watching this show by accident. I had insomnia and was flipping through the channels when this was on. I was hooked.

    Acting isn't the best, but I love how they centered the show around tennis. It's an interesting concept on how athletes handle their traning and its stress that comes along with it.

    It was truly a sad moment when I found out two of the cast members had dieds in a car accident on the way to the studio. I loved their characters and chemistry for each other, and it was sad that their lives were ended much too soon.

    I think the only person out of this show that actually found medicore fame is the actress who plays Tanis. But overall I think for the short duration that this show found, they put a good effort into it. Don't mind watching it on and off when I see it and have the time, but its not something I would search out for.
  • 15/Love" is a comedy-drama about coming-of-age in a unique, high-pressure environment.

    I read on imdb.com that the show is running till 2006 so I have to say I will miss it even the are teribble actors and its really an weird show but I am addicted to it and thats why I will miss it!! I do have to say I hope they dont end it even they have horrible actors!!
  • Volley of the Dolls. I suspect that it was the series finally, which I hope it was not. The crew goes to Brentwood for the big game, where they meet their alter egos. The gang trains hard when discovering, if they don’t win,

    This was possibly the series finally, which would be horrible. They didn’t tie up the loose ends as well as I hoped. Cody off somewhere taking pictures, Squib is going pro, and Adena is trying physiotherapy. It ends with Cody and Nate fooling around with their cameras (not in a dirty way), and Cody hugging Squib good bye. NO! It should end with Squib and Cody somehow making it work. I hate Nate and what about that episode with him and Adena getting closer. They totally ignored that.
    It was upsetting to see them go, because they could have done more with the characters, they still had at least one more good season. Please don’t end; I have nothing else to do during that time slot.
  • Wow! This is one great show! I'm so addicted to it, especially 'Squib', he has a great voice and he is so cute :D. Tell him to write me.. Kisses S. the Dutch

    Wow! This is one great show! I'm so addicted to it, especially 'Squib', he has a great voice and he is so cute :D. Tell him to write me..
    Kisses S. the Dutch.
    I watch this show in the Netherlands, but it isn't on telly anymore.. And I hope I can get more information about the caracters? And what about Sebastian? Has he really died :'(?
  • 15 love...best show ever!!!

    this show is awesome!! its the best teenager show i ever watched! Squib and kody are the best!! anyone know what the name of the theme song is? its awesome....well anyways g2g....go watch 15/love everyone!! lol talk to ya later yalll!! and umm add me to msn: sherwood125@hotmail.com bye bye
  • Don't need to like tennis to watch this though you might wanna play after watching.

    Cody and Squib started dating but something tells me it might not last.

    go visit the 15love.tv site for in depth info, they revamped it for the 2nd season so you can get the music, the behind the scene pics and trailers on new episodes. there are plenty of fan boards too, a lot of people like this thing.
  • a show with terrible acting and uninteresting story. and still, addicted

    I can't stop watching this show.
    it's very well written about a tennis school, sounds boring doesn'T iT? but you just gotta love it.

    only really bad thing is, acting is really horrible, but hey, all young actors and not everybody is as bad. but this show leaves me with a smile and just, makes me love tennis.
  • One of my favourite shows

    I hadn\'t watched it when it first came out but this summer I saw all of the first season, and I just love the show. The characters are awesome. I especially enjoy watching Sunny cause she is so funny. It\'s good to see another canadian show. I can\'t wait for season 2.
  • I\'m really glad that they also show it on the dutch television.

    Hay! First I need to say: my English isn\'t verry well (I\'m from The Netherlands). About 15Love. I saw a few episodes and I knew that it was gonna be my new favourite programme. I like the whole story and the personality\'s. Like Cody, she\'s a girl-next-door but she\'s got something. Something like, the X-factor. I don\'t know. I also like Squib, he\'s so cute! Accept that, I was verry upset about the story around Vadim & Jaclyn. I never knew them, but I felt so sorry for the others! The last thing I wanna say is: I like 15Love and I will get tears when I see the last episode. I know it for sure! ;)! I wish that it never stops! If you like, I will give you my email, so we can talk about 15Love on MSN :)! Bye!
  • A teen show that's actually ... great!

    This show is UNBELIEVABLE! It is so freaking original; funny, heartwarming, cutting edge, dramatic, with music that kicks! I never thought I\'d love a show about tennis! One of the most underrated shows on the dial, rivals anything on the air. Every time I watch one I get something new. Who says Canadian TV\'s no good?
  • Amazing!!!

    I never would have thought thata show about tennis would be at all any good, but when i first watched one of the episodes I was instantly hooked. It has every thing Athletics, Romance, broken hearts, comedy, and just a great story. So I'd recomend you all to watch it.

    15/love is nothing like i've ever watched before. It's at a decent looking boarding school. It also involves a sport. In this case it's tennis. How many shows do you see that actually involves a sport. For some reason this show is addictive. It's almost like you can't look a way. Anyway the characters are soo different from eachother. I like this show
  • Tennis lovers will get a joy out of this Drama series.

    In this Drama series, an academy of Tennis students try to pursue goals, get far in life, enjoy their favourite pastime, deal with stress, and try to compete in tournaments while juggling lifestyles. Viweres will be attracted to this show from the very first episode. If you enjoy other Drama shows like Radio Free Roscoe, you're most likely to enjoy this series that isn't like others. However, if you are very sensitive, and somewhat tempermental, get out your kleenex boxes in advance because some of the episodes and events that occur will leave you dreaming about it and possibly crying over it for a while. I recommend this show to anyone who likes Drama shows centered on high-school students, and teeangers in general.
  • It is about 5 kids (2 boys and 3 girls, unless you count Meg & Seb/Jaclyn & Vadim AND Tanis & Cameron, and Rick) at a tennis school called Cascadia. This season began with Cody, the only

    This is one of the best shows I have ever seen! It's a reason for me to breath (lol). The past season (Number 1) began with Cody, the only non-tennis playing student at Cascadia, arriving with her dad, who is the school psychologist. Part way through the season (I think it was around episode 13), two of the main caracters, Megan and Sebastien, die on their way to a tournament when their plane crashes. They put that in the show because in real life, the actors who played them, Jaclyn Linetsky and Vadim Schieder(sp?) died while driving to the set. The show continued on, having replacements come in (Tanis and Cameron are the character's names). The last episode, when Squib becomes Buzzsaw and Cody gets on the bus to go to her new school in New York, is very very cute.
  • "15/Love!" is what I call when I'm out on the courts, but it's also what I look for in the TVGuide!

    Cheesy? Ever so slightly. It's got great actors, great characters, great plots, great music, and great footage.
    It's sad, what with the deaths of Jaclyn and Vadim (Meg and Seb), but it's got comedy, drama, romance, and allt he package!
    When tennis is rained out, just check for it on the TV! Many 15/Love websites dedicated tot he show let us know just how appreciated it is!
    It's fine if you don't like it. Not everyone does. But, personnally, it ROX OUT LOUD!
    Not by Choice is a great band, and they provide the them song, Standing All Alone.
    I luv this show! It's got everything you paid for the cable (or sattelite) for !!!!!!
  • This show is totally awesome with all the different tournaments and the things they strive for.

    This show is everything you want in a tennis show. They have tournaments, set-backs and not being able to go to tournaments, and also great friendships. Some of the other shows that are based on a bunch of teen friends are not as interesting because they just don't have the right ideas in the episode.
  • 15/Love is a teen drama about a group of aspiring tennis players at Cascadia Tennis Academy. With love, competition, humor and even death among the players, it is the ultimate show for the teen population.

    I love this show, and watch it religiously every morning at 8:00 am on weekdays. It's great to wake up and smell the tennis. Seeing the developing relationships between the players in Cascadia (my fave being Cody and Squib),the insane humor constantly spouting from Rick and sarcasam from the little protegy Sunny.

    The music is pretty upbeat, with indie/alternative rock bands playing the theme and occasional music background. The plot is pretty good, with unexpected turns and great background info for each character, and how they each have their own specific relationship with one another.

    15/Love is my daily fix of teen drama. I highly recommend it to anyone, and everyone else.
  • 15/love is not a good show its a great one

    15/love is a show about 5 rising tenis stars, Cody, Squib, Adena, Cameron, and last but not least Tanis. This show is a teen drama about things that teenagers might be going through themselves so we can relate to it. 15/Love is one of the best shows I have ever watched.
  • Very addictive to watch and it's very different unlike Degrassi and Radio Free Roscoe.

    It's very good to watch, and when I first watched it, I didn't like it. But then it left me hanging because I wanna know more about the show and then I started to like it. I think it's different and unique unlike Degrassi and Radio Free Roscoe. It has its own...thing. It's fun to watch so just try to watch a few episodes of it, and I know you'll get hooked!
  • Not a bad show. The only problem is that it isn't a good show either.

    15/Love is about a couple of teenagers who go to tennis school. I liked this show at first with the original actors. But since two of them left, I feel the show has lost its edge. The actors have very complex lives that can be believable and their situations also. With the new actors however, it seems like the writing has gone down hill. I recommend to watch the first twelve episodes. Other than that, I think you should change the channel. I don't think this show will last very long anyways. So next time you see 15/Love on television, take my advice and change the channel!
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