Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Cut

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2005 on YTV
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The Final Cut
It's K10 time. The biggest tournament of them all. Everybody is getting ready for it by practicing even more, but not Squib, as a result of the pool party, he's now expelled. Adena and Tanis make a pact: the one who is out of the tournament first helps the other. But then they find out they are up against each other first match! Who will lose: Adena or Tanis? Cameron's father visits Cascadia bu not for any good reasons. He tells Cameron his sponsorship has come to an end, so if Cameron doesn't comes up with the tuition, he's out of Cascadia. There is only one thing he can do: win the K10. Squib enters the K10 as a outsides under the name Buzzsaw and an entirely new look (there is no dress code for outsiders). President Bates offers Squib a place at Cascadia if he wins the K10. Meanwhile the New York art school where Cody has applied to has accepted her but she has doubts: she doesn't want to leave her friends behind. Will Cody go to New York? Will Squib come back to Cascadia? Who will win the K10? Watch 15/love and find out!!!moreless

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  • It's K-10 time. Will Squib manage to come back to Cascadia? Who will win the K-10?

    All I can say is WOW!. Now this is why I started to watch 15/Love. For the cute scenes and of course the Cody and Squib. I loved the whole scenes when Adena and Tannis promise to help each other win and Adena helps Tannis by making her jealous so she could play better angry. And the best scene of all was the whole buss scene with Cody and Squib. He really does love her. He gave up the K-10 and wining it to go back to Cascadia for her so she wouldn\'t go. I was so happy with the ending of the season. I also liked Squibs new look lol. It was an awesome episode. I loved it!moreless
  • I love this summary, the last one and so different as the most summaries.

    I love this episode, Squib is so differents and he lets see his feelings to Cody. He give things up for something he really want. It is so sweet. I like Squib very much in it, as the Buzzsaw, Cody is also very cool. President Bates is oke and he sees how stupid he is for expelling Squib.
  • Squib needs to get back into Cascadia and Cody might be leaving qw qw qw qw qw qw s

    I thought this episode was a great way to end the first season with the whole kissing scene at the end. It means that something happens that we have all been waiting for. Cody and Buzzsaw I mean squib. Neways like i said 15 love could not have ended in a better way.
  • Squib is about to win his way back into Cascadia after being kicked out when Cody decides to go to art school. Squib throws away the tournament and potentially his future at cascadia when he gets on the bus to NY with Cody.moreless

    Like it says, the reason I watch this series. I like the way Squib and Cody keep making sacrifices for each other but the writers can only play off that for so long. Eventually the crew has to draw a line and put some people together. The grade 2 secret crush thing isn't making it anymore. I'll be very dissapointed if Cody and Squib don't put something together.
  • Somewhat saddening; if this is the Series Finale, viewers will be disapppointed.

    Wow. All this time, who would've guessed it would end like this. It was quite obvious that Squib and Cody both liked each other, but there was always something in the way. This episode can bring viewers to tears when they see Cody leave Cascadia without telling any of her friends...The incorporation of the song from the episode, "Renewal," Symphonic by Emm Gryner, also made viewers come to tears in "Renewal" and will do the same in this episode. If this is the last episode in the series, viewers will be sadddened since it was left with a cliffhanger. All in all, a great episode that will bring you to tears...moreless
Tyrone Benskin

Tyrone Benskin

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David Schaap

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Sean Tucker

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    • Crowd: BUZZSAW! BUZZSAW!

    • Adena: (Angry at Tanis, so throws a tennis ball at her while she is sleepîng)
      (Tanis wakes up)
      Adena: (Normal) You were having a nightmare.

    • Tanis: Come on! Pretend it's Master Bates!
      Adena: Don't make me laugh!

    • Squib: It's time for me to step up and be a man. When I go to sleep all I think about is you. ...And this stupid gunk, and my stupid name, and stupid chant don't add up to anything. Truth is, I'd give all of that up in a heartbeat for you.
      Cody: But you're the one who always hides things.
      Squib: Things change.

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    • 'Final cut' is usually used when several are auditioning for a part, group or team, and the selected few have acquired the elusive position. Usually in sports when there is a try-out, the final cut means the selected few made it into the team.

    • The episode title and theme may have been reflected by the tv movie, The Final Cut (1995) about Francis Urquarth who is too experienced a politician not to know that everything must end, even his long career as British prime minister. In order to secure his retirement and establish monument to himself, he takes part in negotiations aimed at ending the Cyprus conflict.