Season 1 Episode 26

The Final Cut

Aired Unknown Apr 20, 2005 on YTV



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  • Quotes

    • Crowd: BUZZSAW! BUZZSAW!

    • Adena: (Angry at Tanis, so throws a tennis ball at her while she is sleepîng)
      (Tanis wakes up)
      Adena: (Normal) You were having a nightmare.

    • Tanis: Come on! Pretend it's Master Bates!
      Adena: Don't make me laugh!

    • Squib: It's time for me to step up and be a man. When I go to sleep all I think about is you. ...And this stupid gunk, and my stupid name, and stupid chant don't add up to anything. Truth is, I'd give all of that up in a heartbeat for you.
      Cody: But you're the one who always hides things.
      Squib: Things change.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • 'Final cut' is usually used when several are auditioning for a part, group or team, and the selected few have acquired the elusive position. Usually in sports when there is a try-out, the final cut means the selected few made it into the team.

    • The episode title and theme may have been reflected by the tv movie, The Final Cut (1995) about Francis Urquarth who is too experienced a politician not to know that everything must end, even his long career as British prime minister. In order to secure his retirement and establish monument to himself, he takes part in negotiations aimed at ending the Cyprus conflict.