Season 1 Episode 2

The Princess & the Clown

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 2004 on YTV



  • Trivia

    • We find out in episode 1x12, 'Squib Inc' Sunny is number one player in Cascadia, followed by Adena. Sunny is also the youngest athlete in Cascadia.

  • Quotes

    • Sébastien: Where's Megan these days anyways?
      Adena: I can't talk to her. It's like she's been a different person since we got to Cascadia.
      Sébastien: Well, you should learn to speak her language, 'cause it's a drag not having her around.

    • Megan: Adena, will there ever be a time you won't want something I have? I mean, the only reason you're here is because I am.
      Adena: I'm good. Is that so hard to take?
      Megan: It's not just that. Our whole lives you've gone out of your way to one-up me. And yes, Adena, you always win. Tennis, boys, even M&Ms.
      Adena: So I'm supposed to apologize for winning?
      Megan: It's not about you winning, Adena! It's about why you always want to.

    • Megan: She has private trainers? That's hardly fair!
      Coach Gunnerson: Well, say hello to the real world.

    • Sunny:*To Squib* I kick your ass didn't I.

    • Squib: Should've taken up curling.

  • Notes

    • Squib tries to destroy Sunny when he catches her drinking another soft drink other than the one she should be promoting. He takes a picture of Sunny drinking the competitor's drink and by posting them throughout Cascadia, causing a difficult situation for Sunny. When Squib finds out that when President Bates is keeping the negatives to the criminating photos to blackmail Sunny, it is Squib to the rescue. Sunny later repays Squib in 1x08, 'Mixed up Doubles' by pairing up with Squib.

    • This is the first episode Sunny appears in.

  • Allusions

    • The episode theme of, 'The Princess & the Clown' is closesly parallel to the Scottish tale, The Princess And The Golden Shoes about the attempt of personal destruction of a character because of jealousy.

    • The episode title, 'The Princess & the Clown' may have been derived from the movie title, The Princess and the Pirate (1944).

    • The title is close to the fairy tale title:"The Princess and the Pea".