Season 3 Episode 1

You Can't Go Home

Aired Unknown Jul 10, 2006 on YTV
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You Can't Go Home
Squib is back in Cascadia after going pro and getting injured. Everything has changed, Cameron is gone, so is Tanis, Cody is now with Nate, Nate has started playing, Adena has no time, and the only 'normal' person is Rick. Squib attempts to make everything normal again, but will it really work out?moreless

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  • Squib comes back from the pros because of a injury, still loves Cody, and has weird facial hair, Tannis and Cam are gone, Adena works in the physio department, new characters are Lucas and Cassidy, and Nate and Cody are datingmoreless

    Okay so its the new season. Basically, this episode is to introduce new situations, new characters and squibs new facial hair. When I first saw it I thought that maybe it was the camera angle or lighting.. but its not. He has a weird little patch of wannabe-moustache.. but it just looks like he has a weird skin discoloration disease or something. It ages him about 5 years and makes him look too old to only be a senior (we finally find out how old they are). They now have a new senior campus, apparently.

    Anyways. Squib and his new facial hair go to have a conversation with Dr Meyers. Squib had an ankle injury or something and is now back for recuperation. He ends up talking to Dr Meyers about Cody which is totally wtf weird.

    We find out that Tannis went pro or something (actually, the actress who plays tannis, amanda crew, was in the movie Shes The Man and is now in the TV series Whistler... she even got her own MTV Diary). We also find out that Cam is gone.. he went to work at his dads store or organize sports or something else. The new rule here is dont board with Adena and Squib... there are both 0-2 with roomates.

    So we see Adena, now with darker hair and a job in the physiotherapy clinic. She needs the job for an extra credit. She works with this totally boring old lady who is too uncool to even discuss. Adena has a new, blonde, British roomate named Cassidy. This whole Cassidy person is whack- why would they stick a British girl in the midst of all these French Canadians? We know its in Canada because they mentioned Toronto last season and Cody has a weird French-Canadian-ish accent. Although it never seems to be snowing and there is no mention of hockey... anyways, the point is that if this show even has an ounce of truth Cassidy will eventually be gang-beaten by all the French-Canadians... they never really got over the British tyranny is Canada.

    So apparently Adena is a party girl and Cassidy begs her for a party, since shes obviously never been to one. But while Adena is in the physio. clinic this way-too-old-to-be-a-senior guy named Lucas (who is a hottie to her) comes in for some physio. Adena has a crush on this guy or something equally as bogus. So Adena tells Lucas shell give him extra physio (aka she wants to see him sweat and spend a little one-on-one time with him).

    Nate is now a tennis jock and is playing tennis again. Squib suggests they play tennis together since they are friends (which means that since Cameron is gone Squib reaaally needs someone to hang with). Squib is walking around and all of a sudden we see Cody.. and music starts playing. Which is quite absurd. So they hug blah blah and talk. Then all of a sudden we find out Cody and Nate are dating. Not a shock to us. But it is to Squib. He gets all emo and cranky about it. He even dumps water on Ricks head for no reason.

    Adena and Cassidy are making Lucas and these two boys do extra physio and are acting as if it is the coolest thing thats ever happened. Lucas knows whats going down and the jig is up.. he pressures Adena to party in the Physio clinic (hello- lame?). Cassidy calls Adena lame to her face and Adena wants to be cool again. Lucas beat-boxes.. which is so, so not cool.

    They end up having this whack party where people are dancing on the physio/doctor beds. Cassidy is all likewe should ease up! because to her this is pretty hardcore. And the witchy old physio lady comes in and Adena is all 'oh snap!

    Squib goes to see Cody read on this weird bridge thing and is all i want to play tag!. Cody thinks hes way lame. She has a date with Nate soon, though, but Squib says Nate is doing something. They end up playing anyways. They are running through a forest having the time of their lives when cody falls on him and they are lying down together. Squib is all i thought about you and cody is all dont do that thing with your eyes!. Then she looks over and sees a little picnic set up and Squib admits he planned it. Cody finds out and is ticked off and leaves.

    Squib ends up going on the old court and finds Adena there. Adena tells him she got fired. Squib says his heart has been ripped, stepped on, pulverized and something about a chew toy. Squib admits he needs Cascadia and didnt even make Top 100 in the Pros... and proceeds to calling Adena dawg.

    In the end, Squib talks to Dr Meyers (wow, they seem like BFF now) and Adena talks to physio-lady. Cassidy is still uncool and we don't see Sunny.

    The end.

  • Squib comes back from Pro tennis after an injury. He realizes everything has changed. He tried to make things the same by getting Cody back. But his plan doesn’t work. Adena tried to get her Legendary reputation for being a party girl back but gets caughtmoreless

    I absolutely loved the plot for "You can't go home". It was pretty original altho I expected that Cody and Nate would get together, and I was glad that at least Rick was acting normal. I loved Adena's more matured personality. I expected Cassidy’s personality to be much more different, but I liked it a lot. Like always Rick made me laugh. I was Glad Squib was trying to get Cody back even tho I was kind of confused for his reasons to get her back. I know he wanted his old life back but I think he also wanted to get her back because he still loved her. Overall I think the episode was one of there best ever and it was worth watching.moreless
  • An really awesome way to kick off the 3rd season

    I was extremly impressed with these episode. I think they did a great job. I was sad to see the characters go, but the new characters seem interesting, and I liked how the original characters have grown/ changed. I love this show, and I thought there wasn't going to be a season 3 so i'm like crying with absolute happiness. I can die a happy woman now. ^.^

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