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Such a dumb show

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    [1]Nov 23, 2011
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    I will have to admit I did take an child devolpment class in highschool and it was a great experience to understand pregnancy and the pains thatwomen go through which is no fun at all I got to wear a fakepregnant belly to see what it was like and I have to say it felt weird.All this show is is a bunch of crap it's the real thing and these girls have no clue what they got themselves into I just watch this show just to hear these girls get yelled at and suffer because they don't deserve the baby all they did was spread their legs and get man juice squirted inside their vaginas.Just wish these girl would get a grip on themselves because I wouldn't attend a baby shower or even be in the delivery room with a girl that young bullshit sorryI was raised better than that.

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    [2]Dec 20, 2011
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    I understand that it's hard for these girls and I'm not going to bash pregnant teenagers or teen moms, but they're the ones that got themselves into it! And they get a show? This is ridiculous.
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