16 and Pregnant

Tuesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 11, 2009 Between Seasons





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  • Mtv rides the Juno bandwagon, which will no doubt result in even more teen pregnancies, lowering of the national IQ; thus creating more viewers for shows like this.

    When I was a teenager, the big movie was Fast times @ Ridgemont High, though the film has many stories, one of the prime ones is that a girl gets pregnant and gets an abortion, the teen sperm donor bails, so her brother and her bond when he catches her coming out of the clinic. The abortion wasn't even agonized over, it was merely, simple matter of fact, this is what you do when you're a dumb kid who Fs up and gets pregnant. I lived in mostly white-bread suburbia, and the story was more than common. Now we've got things like the morning after pill, and RU486, making surgery unnecessary, but what message is film and TV giving to todays teens, look 16 year olds are moms all over. It's cool, trendy even.

    They may think that they're showing the trials and tribulations of the life of teen moms, but truth is most rebellious teens will see these kids, gaining independence, forcing their parents help and attention, plus the cognitive dissonance which leads most that I've seen to say, that they wouldn't give up their baby for anything.

    Add to this the fifty to five hundred teens out there right now thinking if I can get pregnant soon, I can be one of the girls next season.