16 and Pregnant - Season 1

Tuesday 10:00 PM on MTV - Music Television Premiered Jun 11, 2009 Between Seasons




Episode Guide

  • Unseen Moments
    Episode 8

    Unseen Moments is a 16 and Pregnant special, originally aired on July 30, 2009. The episode features six teen moms, Maci, Farrah, Amber, Ebony, Whitney and Catelynn, whose stories were shared with viewers during the first season of 16 and Pregnant. Dr. Drew Pinsky hosts the special, which includes unseen footage from the teenagers' pregnancy stories and updates from the mothers about their current lives.

  • 7/24/09
    Watch all of the 16 and Pregnant families address the controversial topics that originated from Season One, along with updates on their 'lives after labor,' in the Finale Special, hosted by Dr. Drew.
  • Life After Labor
    Episode 7
    In this episode all 6 Teenagers reunite to talk about life after labor.
  • Catelynn
    Episode 6
    A young girl, Catelynn, from a small town in Michigan is pregnant and decides to give her baby girl up for adoption.
  • Whitney
    Episode 5
    A 16 year old girl, Whitney, is a pregnant teen. Not only is she pregnant, but her mother is also. Her and her mother both live in a trailer with Whitney's grandmother who they call meemaw.
  • Ebony
    Episode 4

    Ebony is the fourth episode in the debut season of 16 and Pregnant, an MTV reality series. Josh and Ebony are a bi-racial couple who plan to marry and join the military. However, Ebony's pregnancy interferes with their plan because the military will only allow one of them to enter. With their future plans drastically changed, Ebony and Josh must decide what to do next in order to care for their family.

  • Amber
    Episode 3
    Amber lives in the small town of Anderson, Indiana with her boyfriend Gary, who happens to be her older brothers' good friend. Her family isn't receptive of the relationship, but support her because she's pregnant with Gary's baby. Amber and Gary move in together deciding to keep the baby, and Ambers' school year is cut short. They begin to fight when they realize that money is tight and they should spend it wisely; Gary buys a Playstation 3 which sets off fireworks between the families. Amber holds a barbecue and receives an unexpected call from her brother who is Iraq. The call stirs up emotional feelings for her and she tells him how much she needs him. Gary takes Amber on a vacation where he asks to marry her. She agrees. Finally, Amber goes into labour giving birth to baby girl, Leah. Shawn, her brother returns to surprise her. Amber and Gary began to fight a few days after Leah's birth. The couple soon realize their daughter is having trouble breathing. They set up an appointment with a doctor to check things out. After an intense visit, they're told nothing is wrong. The two leave the hospital relieved.moreless
  • Farrah
    Episode 2
    A cheerleader from Council Bluffs, Iowa is pregnant with a baby girl.
  • Maci
    Episode 1
    Maci is in high school and she gets good grades, but when she gets pregnant she transfers to an accelerated school. Maci lives in an apartment with her fiance Ryan. She used to ride motocross, while Ryan rides 4- wheelers. She delivers a baby boy Bentley. Maci gets accepted to a community college. Ryan is lazy and never wants to take care of the baby. Instead he goes out with his friends every night and sleeps. While Maci tries to juggle college, work, and raising a child. Maci and Ryan break up their engagement and are trying to work it out.moreless