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    Please god, rethink this.
  • be mean

    This is a very funny show. I think the writing is very clever and funny. I really do hope it's renewed.
  • OK, this is what I think.

    I think the glowing reviews here are part of a ***ed attempt to get the NBC execs to ignore that the shows ratings are beyond terrible, that critics hate the show, and that most people who watched this crap for even a brief moment have decided to not tune in NBC for a long time.

    This might be the worst show I have seen in decades.

  • Please renew!

    This is a great show with a great cast. I was really hoping to add it to my Thursday night shows, but now I see it's on the chopping block for next season. Please renew!
  • awesome show

    this is a funny, warm hearted show, please dont lose hope and please renew
  • Jenna

    is the reason i started watching this - i like everything she does. to me, she's funny. but then i realized that the rest of the cast isn't that bad either. after a while, they really got better so they went from 'not bad' to me feeling that this show is 'a decent' comedy compared to all the the other crap on tv nowadays, so it really does deserve a chance. it should get a full season and a season 2, at least.
  • Great New Show, But It Needs To Make Some Changes

    I think that this is a great new show. It is a great, unique idea and has a lot of humor. There are some problems with this show though. Skip is too stupid. I mean, he is a stupid character, which works, but it is too extreme. Closer to the end of the season though, he improved a lot. At first I found President Gilchrist annoying, but by the end I loved him. Xander and Marigold were both pretty good and I wish we got more of them and I'm sad that they weren't in a couple of episodes. I love the characters of Emily and Becca though, especially Emily. She is hilarious! She's definately the best part of the show. Marshall is entertaining how he is always trying to be cool and keep everything under controll, which never happens. DB was great and loveable, although he is so stupid. All of the guest stars were great, especially the grumpy senator. The end of the season finale was quite a surprise. It does make some sense though. Overall, this show greatly improved throughout its first and probably only season.
  • Most underrated show on TV

    Please NBC do the right thing and renew 1600 Penn for a second season. This show has really found its groove as a funny family comedy and has one of the best new casts on TV and some of the funniest writing.
  • Hope this show will be renewed for another season ; -;

    This show is great; great cast and lines. Its very comedic and funny to see how much the president's family [play by Bill Pullman] can be so dysfunctional, after all, you can pick your president but not your family!!
  • Needs to DB's kid!

    First if all you need less of skip, he's so annoying and he makes me want to fast forward the show when he's doing something. I hate to believe that people are just that stupid. I love Emily and her I hate that it's Marshall kids. I love DB and I want him to be a part of the show next it happen!
  • Really came together towards the end.

    I wish it had started as strong as it finished. The writing and performances in the finale were great, but the first few episodes are so hard to endure....

    If you gave up on this show early, try to catch the final few episodes and be astonished at how much improved they are.
  • Skip what a terrible character

    it just me or is the Skip character incredibly annoying? I cannot watch the show because if him. I've got nothing against Josh Gad but that character is so rest of the show would be fine for me if the part was just a little more believable. And I love Jenna Elfman and Bill I like Josh Gad in other has some sweet moments and a few subtle the other stuff go
  • Really Funny

    Just love this show. A truly funny show about politics. The mixture in the family situations is really carried off well with a fast pace. Love the obvious and the subtle jokes.
  • I love this show!

    The cast is great! I like all the characters. I am not going to let the negative reviews stop me from watching 1600 Penn. I hope this show does get renewed. I always get a good laugh. I believe the show should be given a chance. NBC please do not cancell the show!
  • Tried it....

    really did. But ABC has no handle on decent TV these days - years?
  • Clever, Witty, and Full of Sublty.

    This show has a great feel and energy to it, and the best part are the subtle jokes. Josh Gad has quite a few that are thrown away at random times, and another great example of this is Xander's reaction to his uncles story at the dinner table in 'skip the The main stories are funny, sure. But for those really watching, and ready to pick up on the things that are going to be missed by many, its excellent.

    Josh Gad's character would be hard to take - if he didn't have such a great heart. He's nothing like Peter Griffin, or other characters that are dumb. His intentions and love make him so utterly redeemable that it really works. Having a character that is so unintelligent make major strives to just do ... good. Its endearing.

    Two thumbs up.
  • Dump Skip before the show is cancelled.

    Josh Gad needs to go. The character isn't funny, and is dragging down the rest of a good cast. Don;t know if he's just too inexperienced to make the character work, but it grates on my family's nerves everytime we watch the show, hoping it will imporve. Bill Pullman and the rest (minus Josh) are doing a great job. See if Jack Black could take over as Skip, or have him as the zany uncle and dump Skip. Maybe have Skip decide to go find Bin Laden not knowing that we already got him.
  • Give it a chance

    I thought the previews looked lame and I had no intention of watching, so I saw t it for the first time almost by accident a couple of episodes in. I know it is sometimes uneven, but it has made me laugh out loud a couple of times each show. More than I can say for most of the comedies on tv now. I hope the show gets a chance to continue. Again, it is funnier than most of the other shows outside the Ofifce or 30 Rock. I think it is funny without being crude which is an accomplishment. One of the few shows that could possibly be back next year that I would actually look forward to watching.
  • Waiting for it to get better.

    I'm trying to hang in there. Jenna Elfman is brilliant. I wish they would feature her more. Josh Gad needs to figure out how to play to the small screen. He is way over the top, and he crosses from "could be funny" to "definitely annoying" all too often. The story is funny but he is not effective the way he is playing it right now. I loved the tour guide. I wish they would make him a recurring.
  • One Character ruins the complete show

    I am trying to like the show. Its nothing special - but almost ok. Except when skip shows up. He is soooo bad i want to turn of the TV when hes on screen.

  • Funny show but I'll be suprised if it survives

    This show is smart, refreshing and truely NBC's answer to ABC's Modern Family. I hope NBC doesn't go and ruin a good thing like it has with so many of it's shows. I love Josh Gad as the dim witted son. Jenna Elfman is great as the first lady. A few tweeks is all this show needs to be a true hit for the peacock network (which it needs BADLY!)
  • This Show Has Terminal Cancer

    Imagine Peter Griffin, as the son of the President? Could be a funny animated show, but it's simply ridiculous as a live action comedy. The sad thing about this show is that the best parts are any scene that does not include it's star and co-creator, Josh Gad. His character is ridiculously over the top. Some of the other story lines are engaging, in fact most of them are, but they are broken up with the jarring intrusion of Gad, who is like a cartoon character running around a live action show. If only an anvil could fall from the sky and strike him in the head. That might be funny or at least less ridiculous than what we have to suffer through at present. This show could be good if the star would set his ego aside and let the show be about a family inhabiting the White House, but this show is about the President's idiot son doing things no human is stupid enough to do and getting into situations that are simply idiotic. It's a shame, because the show really has some genuine moments, but as soon as you start to enjoy the show, Gad, like a bucket of mud is thrown in your face, waving his hands and screaming, "look at me, look at me" (I know I made the same point twice. Annoying, huh?) The writers (other than Gad) should be commended for writing ten minutes of decent show each week. Gad should be ashamed for writing twelve minutes of drivel and for wasting the talents of cast, writers and crew with such a horribly executed vanity project. The network should remove Gad from his show. It's the only chance this show has. Or at least ban him from the writer's room and remind him that he's on television and doesn't need to play to the back row. We can hear you, we just wish we couldn't.
  • What?

    Skip is awesome, and this show is smart and funny.
  • Pancakes

    Good show, except for Skip. Who needs repalced with Jack Black or Galifianakis. The other characters are spot on and interesting to likable.
  • The whole family loves this show!!! Don't change

    Sure, Skip is a dope but he's funny and you gotta love him. He means well. The addition of the babydaddy to the show adds so much to the Skip comedy. (You have to keep him on the show, he's awesome). So far, you've covered almost every politically incorrect thing but we have to admit, it's funny. Not sure about Amara dropping that one little bomb. (that could've been left out) but Love Jenna and Bill in their roles. They really connect. Martha's facial expressions are right on and the little ones seem interesting and would like to see them more in the future. Some reviewers just can't seem to accept Skip but I wouldn't change a maturing so it can only get better. We love to laugh with the show. It's awesome. Thanks for the entertainment. It's much needed. Jenna is really funny.
  • This show gives me douchechills.

    Is this horrible show canceled yet? NBC needs to get some new decision makers up in the corporate offices. The show they greenlight are horrible.
  • Josh Gad is killing this show.

    I know he's a co-creator but he being cast in this show is horrible. A very annoying portrayal of the character. I think the rest of the show is great and might have a fighting chance if Gad steps back behind the camera.
  • sooo funny!

    America needs some laughs right now and these guys are a great combination. I believe Cris Farley would so agree! Carry on Skip!
  • no soup for you

    boring, bugging and not funny at all ... so please NBC do us all a big favor and cancel this waste of time so an actually funny show can have a shot ... or maybe, just maybe stay with something that already has proven that it is actually funny... like, I dont know ... Community for example !!!

    Watch at your own risk.