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NBC (ended 2013)





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  • Great New Show, But It Needs To Make Some Changes

    I think that this is a great new show. It is a great, unique idea and has a lot of humor. There are some problems with this show though. Skip is too stupid. I mean, he is a stupid character, which works, but it is too extreme. Closer to the end of the season though, he improved a lot. At first I found President Gilchrist annoying, but by the end I loved him. Xander and Marigold were both pretty good and I wish we got more of them and I'm sad that they weren't in a couple of episodes. I love the characters of Emily and Becca though, especially Emily. She is hilarious! She's definately the best part of the show. Marshall is entertaining how he is always trying to be cool and keep everything under controll, which never happens. DB was great and loveable, although he is so stupid. All of the guest stars were great, especially the grumpy senator. The end of the season finale was quite a surprise. It does make some sense though. Overall, this show greatly improved throughout its first and probably only season.