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  • This Show Has Terminal Cancer

    Imagine Peter Griffin, as the son of the President? Could be a funny animated show, but it's simply ridiculous as a live action comedy. The sad thing about this show is that the best parts are any scene that does not include it's star and co-creator, Josh Gad. His character is ridiculously over the top. Some of the other story lines are engaging, in fact most of them are, but they are broken up with the jarring intrusion of Gad, who is like a cartoon character running around a live action show. If only an anvil could fall from the sky and strike him in the head. That might be funny or at least less ridiculous than what we have to suffer through at present. This show could be good if the star would set his ego aside and let the show be about a family inhabiting the White House, but this show is about the President's idiot son doing things no human is stupid enough to do and getting into situations that are simply idiotic. It's a shame, because the show really has some genuine moments, but as soon as you start to enjoy the show, Gad, like a bucket of mud is thrown in your face, waving his hands and screaming, "look at me, look at me" (I know I made the same point twice. Annoying, huh?) The writers (other than Gad) should be commended for writing ten minutes of decent show each week. Gad should be ashamed for writing twelve minutes of drivel and for wasting the talents of cast, writers and crew with such a horribly executed vanity project. The network should remove Gad from his show. It's the only chance this show has. Or at least ban him from the writer's room and remind him that he's on television and doesn't need to play to the back row. We can hear you, we just wish we couldn't.