19 Kids and Counting

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19 Kids and Counting
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Season 13 : Episode 12

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Childhood sweethearts Jim Bob and Michelle see children as gifts, and after over 20 years of marriage, they have received 19 gifts of ten boys and nine girls. This means that Michelle has been pregnant for nearly half her life. TLC brings this Arkansas family phenomenon into your home with this documentary series.
  • boring show

    its just really boring
  • 19 reasons I'll never have kids

    sure they have the right to do whatever they want, and technically I have the right to drown myself in my bathtub. There are plenty of unwanted, hungry, and sick children in this overpopulated world ... so let's go have 19. God bless America .. and no where else!

    (PS - it get's a 1.5 cause it's better than dance moms)
  • Dishonorable charater of commenters

    @Travisty,catlazenby,demon853,speedracertng, you all show the kind of upbringing you all had by the total lack of honorable character you all show! You all write like a bunch of little dictators in training! Are you all too stupid to respect another family's choices that they would not impose you? To me from your dishonorable lack of character I suspect so
  • stupid so called *parents*

    i agree with the dude above me the girls should have more freedom their parents have all these kids and make them take care of each other while they keep getting pregnant. come on guys HELP OUT. and not to mention whenever theres a big project the dad takes advantage of it and gets all the kids to do it like theyre freakin slaves.and if one kid gets sick then they all do. if the girls have to do all that work they should at least be able to wear a pair of shorts not skirts down to their ankles! hello? its not the 1800's anymore! and u would think the girls do the housework and the boys do the tough stuff but nope! the girls have to do THAT TOO!moreless
  • Beyond awful

    These people are b@tsh*t crazy. Apparently these backwater hillbillies believe that they have the obligation (not the right) to pump out as many kids as humanly possible and then have scientists and doctors help them churn out a couple more. Seriously, if everyone converted to their cult, the human race would be extinct in a generation or two. But what's more irresponsible than mass-producing and uneducating 19 kids is the glorifying of this sociopathic behavior. This show cuts out any footage that could imply that this type of parenting creates some pretty messed-up kids (including alluding to a boot camp set up for kids in this cult who may have committed some unmentioned-but-seemingly-creepy-sexual-assault-type 'sins') Yikes. I guess home-schoolin' by mommy-no-degree isn't as good as advertised.moreless

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