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Season 15 : Episode 20

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Childhood sweethearts Jim Bob and Michelle see children as gifts, and after over 20 years of marriage, they have received 19 gifts of ten boys and nine girls. This means that Michelle has been pregnant for nearly half her life. TLC brings this Arkansas family phenomenon into your home with this documentary series.

    What to Watch Tonight: Fashion Star, New Girl, and Justified

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    What to Watch Tonight: Breaking In, New Girl, and The River

    Plus: Justified, Prank My Mom, and Through the Wormhole with Morgan Freeman.

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    • Can We Get Real?

      I really think that some people have taken what has happened to the Diggers way to far. What has happened in the past should stay in the past. No one needs to keep dewelling on what they have done wrong and make them to relive it day after day. There are some of us out here that really enjoyed watching the show and watching the children growing up. I about cried when I found out that they were being taken off the air. I really think that they need more support than they need people to put their way of life down. I really think that everyone has their own way of believing and not everyone is not the same. I do know that there is not one perfect person here on earth and that everyone has done something wrong in their life. I really think that the show needs to be put back on for the ones that do like watching the show can do it.moreless
    • Really, TLC?

      I'm going to make a different point than I'm sure most anti-Duggar folks will take. A brief point, but one all the same.

      Before it was justifiably 'cancelled', 19KaC was in its' tenth season, and relying on doing season-long 'story arcs' about wedding planning. If there wasn't a wedding to shove down our throats, it was the fifteenth fish fry they 'volunteered' at, or going to work on a farm for a few hours (which provided the series-long highlight of watching the patriarch, JimBob, stick his arm up a cow's reproductive passage), or, when viewers were lucky, watching the Duggars clean up one of their properties! Yee-haw?

      Basically, a show that's been stretched so thin it relies on the matrimonial pimping-out of the family's barely-legal daughters isn't going to be interesting in the reboot. TLC would be wise to shut this crap down. They couldn't even make this 'scandal' interesting. And let's face it, they are offensively nonchalant about the sex abuse Josh Duggar committed against them. TLC only proves that they are willing to such the teat of a cash cow dry, even if it means condoning dangerous, backwards messages. It only goes to show how little class they TLC and the Duggar Family.moreless
    • Hypocrisy at it's finest!

      Please for the love of God, keep these slimy hypocrites off the air. Wolves in sheep's clothing. They are the Antichrist!!!!! Moral, integrity??? What are you smoking?
    • Please support the Duggar's

      The Duggar family has been an inspiration to me for many years. They have a strong faith, love of family and live by strong moral choices. They are real people, not just a reality show, that conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Many people find it easy to criticize them because they don't agree with their way of life or in their sincerity. I sincerely hope TLC will stand with this family and support them in their darkest time. I believe Michele and Jim Bob did the best they could to help a teenage boy atone for his mistakes and right his wrong and also they educated and protected their daughters. This family has been so devastated by the attacks by the media, vicious attacks verbally by people and failure by a justice system. Josh made mistakes and how much he has lost and must be suffering today for something he chose to do at a young age. My heart aches for his sisters who should not have to relive this part of their past that they have forgiven their brother for. These are real people. They are a breath of fresh air in our society today, please support them and return them to TLC.moreless
    • No more, TLC

      TLC has to really take a leadership role finally and put decent programming on the air. The series they have shown have gone to the extreme: six children born at one time from a couple who went to fertility treatment after being married a short period of time, a family that has nineteen children, a mother who wants her daughter shown all over tv, etc. Having 6 children all at once in not healthy, having 19 children is not healthy, having a child shown all over the place on tv is not healthy. This is good role modeling and tends to let it be watched by fringe people.moreless

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