19 Kids and Counting

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  • Can We Get Real?

    I really think that some people have taken what has happened to the Diggers way to far. What has happened in the past should stay in the past. No one needs to keep dewelling on what they have done wrong and make them to relive it day after day. There are some of us out here that really enjoyed watching the show and watching the children growing up. I about cried when I found out that they were being taken off the air. I really think that they need more support than they need people to put their way of life down. I really think that everyone has their own way of believing and not everyone is not the same. I do know that there is not one perfect person here on earth and that everyone has done something wrong in their life. I really think that the show needs to be put back on for the ones that do like watching the show can do it.
  • Really, TLC?

    I'm going to make a different point than I'm sure most anti-Duggar folks will take. A brief point, but one all the same.

    Before it was justifiably 'cancelled', 19KaC was in its' tenth season, and relying on doing season-long 'story arcs' about wedding planning. If there wasn't a wedding to shove down our throats, it was the fifteenth fish fry they 'volunteered' at, or going to work on a farm for a few hours (which provided the series-long highlight of watching the patriarch, JimBob, stick his arm up a cow's reproductive passage), or, when viewers were lucky, watching the Duggars clean up one of their properties! Yee-haw?

    Basically, a show that's been stretched so thin it relies on the matrimonial pimping-out of the family's barely-legal daughters isn't going to be interesting in the reboot. TLC would be wise to shut this crap down. They couldn't even make this 'scandal' interesting. And let's face it, they are offensively nonchalant about the sex abuse Josh Duggar committed against them. TLC only proves that they are willing to such the teat of a cash cow dry, even if it means condoning dangerous, backwards messages. It only goes to show how little class they TLC and the Duggar Family.
  • Hypocrisy at it's finest!

    Please for the love of God, keep these slimy hypocrites off the air. Wolves in sheep's clothing. They are the Antichrist!!!!! Moral, integrity??? What are you smoking?
  • Please support the Duggar's

    The Duggar family has been an inspiration to me for many years. They have a strong faith, love of family and live by strong moral choices. They are real people, not just a reality show, that conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. Many people find it easy to criticize them because they don't agree with their way of life or in their sincerity. I sincerely hope TLC will stand with this family and support them in their darkest time. I believe Michele and Jim Bob did the best they could to help a teenage boy atone for his mistakes and right his wrong and also they educated and protected their daughters. This family has been so devastated by the attacks by the media, vicious attacks verbally by people and failure by a justice system. Josh made mistakes and how much he has lost and must be suffering today for something he chose to do at a young age. My heart aches for his sisters who should not have to relive this part of their past that they have forgiven their brother for. These are real people. They are a breath of fresh air in our society today, please support them and return them to TLC.
  • No more, TLC

    TLC has to really take a leadership role finally and put decent programming on the air. The series they have shown have gone to the extreme: six children born at one time from a couple who went to fertility treatment after being married a short period of time, a family that has nineteen children, a mother who wants her daughter shown all over tv, etc. Having 6 children all at once in not healthy, having 19 children is not healthy, having a child shown all over the place on tv is not healthy. This is good role modeling and tends to let it be watched by fringe people.
  • Wonderful clean show

    I love this show!
  • How long?

    I love TLC for most of their shows but this '19 kids and is just getting ridiculous. It probably held some interest in the beginning, who in their right mind in the 21st century would procreate 19 kids? But enough of it. After watching the parents procreate year after year we now watch the 19 kids procreate, one after another. looks like their sole purpose in life is to make babies..
  • Jessa doesn't seem to be "In Love" with Ben - Does she just want out

    I really like this show. I don't agree with everything they do but overall it's an interesting family to watch especially since they have been on tv for so long. So many have been born on tv. So anyhow I wanted to talk about Jessa & Ben. When you look at Jill & Derrick and her brother with Anna you can really see the love. With Jessa & Ben I don't see it. I think Ben is the first suitor to ask that her father approves of and she wants out on her own. The only way the girls can get out is to get married. Jessa doesn't come across as very smart, not well educated. Ben comes across as pretty dumb. Ben looked so much better when he got his hair cut by a professional. Jessa doesn't do a very good job cutting his hair. Ben spend the money! I hope I'm wrong about this because she will start having a bunch babies before she figures out she made a mistake.

    This show is dumb... I'm tired of seeing the commercials about it!! When it comes down to it, they're just looking for money! This show needs to get off the air and make room for another show!
  • Great Show

    Ok so, No I do not think every thing they do is correct and I definitely do not believe that gay people are bound to Hell even though I was raised that way, my best friend is gay and he was raised the same way I was but you can not help who you were BORN to be. With that said I do not feel the show should be taken off the air, the producers knew where the family stood on these exact issues and more from the day they aired the show so why try to shut them down so what some people don't like their view but honestly why are we so scared of freedom of speech the whole politically correct stuff I mean let people speak their mind if you like it fine if not then walk away, or in this case change the channel.
  • Absolutely The Best Show On TV!

    My husband and I watch this show with our 3 young children. I am not interested in watching other shows because why would I want to suggest that our family watch a show that destroys our individual and family character by putting junky ideas and junky language into our head? This show is one of the few shows available that inspires us to do good deeds, be kind and patient and gentle and merciful and exercise self-control, and to love one another. The Duggar books take it a step further and inspire us to be more serious about our faith. I am very grateful for such excellent role models.
  • Different Lifestyles

    I would consider myself a feminist and an atheist and pretty progressive, yet for some reason I LOVE watching this family! It definitely is not a lifestyle I would chose, but I just think they're fascinating. They all seem pretty genuinely happy with their life choices and the show never has drama like a typical reality show (the Bachelor, etc). It focuses solely on their family and their journey through life.

    I think they are a great family who just happen to have different views than me, but no reason to hate on them! They're successful and very level headed and haven't had the typical fall-out that reality stars have.
  • Used to like this show now it's hard to watch

    The show was good when it was about juggling life with so many kids. I enjoyed it when they showed how they organized their home, cooking for so many & budgeting. It has now become super corny & their obsession with courtship is awkward to watch. The entire family is all giggles & grins because someone is courting. Strange! I don't care how many kids someone has as long as they can financially & emotionally support them. I don't judge them by their beliefs or rules either. They are not hurting anyone. I do judge them by how they act about courting, girls vs boys, how Daddy or the husband is the ruler. It's their life they can live it the way they want but I don't watch for those reasons. I want the older format back.

  • boring show

    its just really boring
  • 19 reasons I'll never have kids

    sure they have the right to do whatever they want, and technically I have the right to drown myself in my bathtub. There are plenty of unwanted, hungry, and sick children in this overpopulated world ... so let's go have 19. God bless America .. and no where else!

    (PS - it get's a 1.5 cause it's better than dance moms)
  • Dishonorable charater of commenters

    @Travisty,catlazenby,demon853,speedracertng, you all show the kind of upbringing you all had by the total lack of honorable character you all show! You all write like a bunch of little dictators in training! Are you all too stupid to respect another family's choices that they would not impose you? To me from your dishonorable lack of character I suspect so
  • stupid so called *parents*

    i agree with the dude above me the girls should have more freedom their parents have all these kids and make them take care of each other while they keep getting pregnant. come on guys HELP OUT. and not to mention whenever theres a big project the dad takes advantage of it and gets all the kids to do it like theyre freakin slaves.and if one kid gets sick then they all do. if the girls have to do all that work they should at least be able to wear a pair of shorts not skirts down to their ankles! hello? its not the 1800's anymore! and u would think the girls do the housework and the boys do the tough stuff but nope! the girls have to do THAT TOO!
  • Beyond awful

    These people are b@tsh*t crazy. Apparently these backwater hillbillies believe that they have the obligation (not the right) to pump out as many kids as humanly possible and then have scientists and doctors help them churn out a couple more. Seriously, if everyone converted to their cult, the human race would be extinct in a generation or two. But what's more irresponsible than mass-producing and uneducating 19 kids is the glorifying of this sociopathic behavior. This show cuts out any footage that could imply that this type of parenting creates some pretty messed-up kids (including alluding to a boot camp set up for kids in this cult who may have committed some unmentioned-but-seemingly-creepy-sexual-assault-type 'sins') Yikes. I guess home-schoolin' by mommy-no-degree isn't as good as advertised.
  • Some people can't get pregnant and have kids, and these people have 19

    i think that it's ok to have a big family, but my version of big is 5 kids, not 19 kids. i understand that they are religious people and they want god to choose how many kids they have, but 19 is just out of hand. there are some people who want more than anything to have a baby but for whatever reason, they can't get pregnant and they can't have any kids, but the duggers seem to think it's ok to have 19, i'm not saying it's the duggeers fault that some people can't have kids and they can, but it's gotten out of hand. The older kids are the ones who end up looking after the younger kids a lot of the time, because the parents don't have time to be looking after all these kids, no parent does, which is why i think this is wrong, you can't give you full attention, and you can't properly parent all 19 kids.
  • Too much of too many....

    I used to be very intrigued with this family. I caught their earlier episodic specials, went onto their family website and just marveled at the family's tenacity, drive and steadfastness. I never expected them to become a weekly series. While these episodes have given us a bit of a peek at individual personalities, it's concept is just way over done. I am sure their are families out there that revel in the coservative Duggar views and Duggar life style. Unfortunately - as do the Duggars - they probably are not watching television. After watching the episode where the oldest brings home his fiancee and all the emphasis put on not touching, and not kissing, and internet proposals for the other girls, I just wonder if they are just in denial that there is a 'real world' out there. Cousin Amy was a breath of fresh air. I would take the snarking Roloffs and the squabbling Gosselins over this crew anyday!
  • "If you you thought 8 were tough, meet the Duggars", yeah right

    First of all, that Michelle lady is messed up in the head if she thinks of having all of these kids. Especially naming them all with the first letters of J because they thought that the other kids would feel left out. They are all way too fake and smily, I mean snap out of it and get used to the camera already. What is sick is that they are trying to compete with "Jon and Kate Plus 8" which really deserves to be on TV because. The Gosselins are all natural and exciting and come up with ideas that is entertaining for the kids and the viewers, even they probably don't do it for the viewers. The Duggars come up with the same old things and most of the kids are grown up, so they can take care of the kids and unless the grown kids are very immature and bratty, there's no way that this family can be tougher than 8 kids.
  • kids being brainwashed

    these kids are being raised like there isn't a real world out there! i can understand being homeschooled, but i don't get why they are turning the older kids into parents! the kids never interact with anyone besides their parents and siblings. the teenage girls never get to be teenage girls, and if one happends to be a tomboy, to bad for them. i honestly can't tell if they have any different personalities. the girls have more work, they are forced to wear dresses and skits and all that stuff. and they have to do the laundry and cook. while the boys do nothing all day. they play around. i don't think that's fair. the teenagers never get to be normal teenagers hanging out at the mall, watching movies, they can't even watch TV!! and monetered internet? way to strict there. i couldn't imagine living like that.
  • What a great family to be sharing their life with the world! There are enough relationship shows out there with troubled people! The Duggar's show is a refreshing change :)


    Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar go against the grain of the rest of the world and do it unashamedly. They choose to rejoice with every child God blesses them with. They live every area of their lives trying their best to serve God. Then they have allowed the world to sit and watch. They are sweet, sincere, courageous people!