19 Kids and Counting

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Sep 29, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • "If you you thought 8 were tough, meet the Duggars", yeah right

    First of all, that Michelle lady is messed up in the head if she thinks of having all of these kids. Especially naming them all with the first letters of J because they thought that the other kids would feel left out. They are all way too fake and smily, I mean snap out of it and get used to the camera already. What is sick is that they are trying to compete with "Jon and Kate Plus 8" which really deserves to be on TV because. The Gosselins are all natural and exciting and come up with ideas that is entertaining for the kids and the viewers, even they probably don't do it for the viewers. The Duggars come up with the same old things and most of the kids are grown up, so they can take care of the kids and unless the grown kids are very immature and bratty, there's no way that this family can be tougher than 8 kids.