19 Kids and Counting

Tuesday 9:00 PM on TLC Premiered Sep 29, 2008 Between Seasons





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  • Some people can't get pregnant and have kids, and these people have 19

    i think that it's ok to have a big family, but my version of big is 5 kids, not 19 kids. i understand that they are religious people and they want god to choose how many kids they have, but 19 is just out of hand. there are some people who want more than anything to have a baby but for whatever reason, they can't get pregnant and they can't have any kids, but the duggers seem to think it's ok to have 19, i'm not saying it's the duggeers fault that some people can't have kids and they can, but it's gotten out of hand. The older kids are the ones who end up looking after the younger kids a lot of the time, because the parents don't have time to be looking after all these kids, no parent does, which is why i think this is wrong, you can't give you full attention, and you can't properly parent all 19 kids.