18 to Life

CBC (ended 2011)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • House of Cards
      Episode 13
      Tom and Jessie exchange anniversary gifts but they might go broke. The parents also give the couple a gift, only it's really for them and not the kids.
    • The Gate
      Episode 12
      Tom's evil grandmother finds out that he's married and is so shocked, she drops dead. Now Tom has to come up with something good to say at the funeral.
    • Carter becomes the prodigal son to Ben, much to Tom's dismay. After Ava has her heart broken, she overstays her welcome in Tom and Jessie's apartment.
    • 3/7/11
      The Bellow and Tara and Phil head on a camping trip with an RV. While there, Tom and Jessie try to escape into the woods for some alone time.
    • Miss Conceived
      Episode 9
      Tom finds a pregnancy stick that's positive and every one of the women is construed as pregnant until proven barren. Wendy has another project from school involving the family.
    • 2/21/11
      The women are taking a stand on toilet etiquette. Judith discusses going back to work. Phil has to hide another one of his tools to cook meat.
    • 2/14/11
      Phil gets a visit from an old friend, Serena. Jessie and Tom's sleep trouble lead them to sleep separately.
    • Family Portrait
      Episode 6
      Tara gives a painting to the Ben and Judith but they don't like it and have to secretly dispose of it. Tom and Jessie misplace an embarrassing video.
    • Overcooked
      Episode 5
      Tom tries to spice up his cooking skills. Tara develops a nack for flirting and starts attending to a new guy, Jeff. Ben learns when and when not to use the phrase "my bad".
    • I Do and I Don't
      Episode 4
      Phil pulls a Tom and asks Tara to marry him as a joke. But Tara gets serious and accepts his proposal. Tom divulges one of Carter's secrets which causes a major riff between the two.
    • Part Time Lovers
      Episode 3
      Tom and Jessie find jobs at the same book store, but Jessie is hired for the managing position and Tom is just the janitor. Ben discovers yoga to the dismay of Judith and Phil fights the squirrels running rampant in his backyard.
    • 1/10/11
      Wendy has to do a documentary for school on how marriages work, so she gets the whole family involved. Tom also tries to fix a stubborn ceiling leak which requires him to be more handy than he really is.
    • 1/3/11
      After spotting a past romantic partner, Jessie and Tom take stock of their past sexual encounters. But Tom has to invent some in order to stack up to Jessie's list and Carter's sister gets involved. Meanwhile, Tara has a secret that Phil uncovers in order to get new passports for a planned vacation. Judith gets botox but keeps it a secret from Ben.moreless
  • Season 1