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18 to Life

Season 1 Episode 6

Goy Story

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Feb 08, 2010 on CBC
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Episode Summary

Goy Story
When the local rabbi comes over to dinner to meet with Ben's family, covering up secrets becomes the main priority. Ben's marriage may not be legal, Tom's financial matters worsen, while Phil wants to eat more meat.

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      • Tom: Oh, Monica, I'm begging you, if you have any love for dad or me, you can't let Rabbi Goldstein know that dad didn't go through with his Briss.
        Monica: Tom, please! What kind of manipulative self-serving bitch do you think I am?

      • Carter: You can't solve this via Olive Garden. Besides, what happens when the school mails the tuition refunds. Your dad will find out and it's game over.
        Tom: The refunds were released on Monday, they won't hit our mailbox until Thursday. I just have to beat my dad to the mail.
        Carter: Dude, today is Thursday!
        Tom: Leroy! You gotta cover for me!
        Leroy: Let me think about it… NO!
        Tom: I'm asking you as a friend, if you don't let me go, my marriage is done.
        Leroy: And I'm answering you as your boss – you walk out that door and you're fired.
        Tom: (Gasps).
        Carter: Ehh, this is awkward. Your marriage or your job?

      • Carter: (Commenting on the lying now that Tom has secretly dropped out of college) And to think you quit school to make you're life easier.
        Tom: This is easier, okay, I couldn't hack the double shifts and class.
        Carter: So don't do double shifts.
        Tom: Oh, so then Jessie and I will just live with my parents' attic 'til we're 50.
        Carter: Even if you work triple shifts you'll be there 'til your 50.
        Tom: But I'm due for a raise, right Leroy?
        Manager Leroy: Well, the fact that you're my worst employee, it doesn't look good. But please, keep talking to your friend on company time.

      • Jessie: Look at you, perfecting your cool bar moves in between classes.
        Carter: Yeah, Tom! How do you find the time?!
        Tom: I don't know, but I do.

      • Phil: How's my favorite Jewish couple doing?
        Judith: What is he on about?
        Ben: Probably on about his fifth beer today by the looks of it.

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