18 to Life

Season 2 Episode 3

Part Time Lovers

Aired Monday 8:00 PM Jan 17, 2011 on CBC

Episode Recap

Ava and Carter talk about Spring Break plans. Ava wants to go on vacation, while Carter is going to teach English. Jessie and Tom are also trying to get jobs. Luckily, they've managed to score jobs, both are at the same store, Book Buy. Ben is busy in the back trying to keep the squirrels out. Tara is wondering why he needs to use a gun. Tom and Jessie head to work, if they're car can get them there. Tom says he's now excited about working together because of the added benefits of being there together.

Ben asks Phil about how he can lower his blood pressure. The manager at the Book Buy store introduces Tom as the sanitation specialist. Jessie is the new junior assistant manager. Phil shows Ben some yoga poses. But Tara wants to teach Ben herself. At work, the manager tries to make sure that Tom doesn't get close to Jessie – but it's based more on the fact that Tom is a janitor and that Jessie is the assistant manager. Meanwhile, Tara tries to teach Ben but he falls asleep. Tom calls Jessie to the storeroom where they enjoy a minute of intimacy. The manager notices the two together again as they walk out of the storeroom so he calls Jessie into the office.

Meanwhile, Ben has relaxes, so much so that he doesn't go after a weed growing in the lawn. Tom talks to Carter while Jessie pages him to come to the storeroom. Jessie says she has been promoted and gets Tom to check out the washrooms. At home, Jessie has already changed. Because she's a manager now, she's taking the job seriously and pushes for professionalism at work. Phil and Tara notice that Ben's backyard is getting messy. Tara admits that Ben only thinks that he's been taught yoga. Ben thinks it's working, so he continues doing it. Judith asks if he could look at some banking information, but Ben never gets to it. At work, Tom plays Jessie. He tries to take a break, but Jessie pushes him to mop the floors first. Ben misses a father-daughter day at Wendy's girl guides.

Phil notices that the squirrels are taking over his yard so he becomes Ben-like and takes care of the lawn and around the backyard. The neat yard will keep the squirrels away. Jessie and Tom start feuding, but as Tom finally goes for his break, Jessie leaves water all over the tile floor. Meanwhile, Judith is trying to get a handle on the finances and hopes that Ben, the real Ben, will be back soon. Ben realizes that he's become Phil and that Phil has become Ben. Judith snaps him out of it and Ben quickly looks over the finances.

Back and work the manager comes over to Jessie and asks who mopped the floor and left it so wet. It turns out that no one has slipped yet, but the potential is there and he can't have it. Jessie is tasked with firing Tom or the manager will fire Jessie. Tom is called to the assistant manager's office. The manager notices it's taking quite some time, so he checks out what is taking so long and finds Tom and Jessie kissing. Both are clearly fired and they head home in their car. Ben admires Phil's work on the lawn but says he's back and will be getting those pretzels for keeping the squirrels away.