18 Wheels of Justice

Spike TV (ended 2001)


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  • An okey show actually

    Chance is in the witness protection program after a druglord has his family killed. Now he drives around in an hightech truck on the roads of US and desperately tries to find a way of getting the bad guy behind bar and getting his old life back.

    It wa an okey show, watch it one time out of boredome and it stucked
  • It is simple, and it works.

    When I turned on my TV and saw that show for the first time, I told myself this was an umpteenth detective series, with no continuity and always featuring different stories in every episode. Still, I didn’t turn it off and kept watching Wheels of Justice. Within 10 minutes, I wanted to know what was going to happen next, even if I missed the first episode and didn’t know much about our hero, apart from the summary in the beginning.
    The main plot is not original : Michael Cates gave evidence against the Crimelord Jacob Calder, who takes revenge by killing his wife and daughter. The slight novelty on this show is that Cates changes his name to Chance Bowman, and has to live on the roads with a truck as his home, in order not to be found by Calder’s henchmen. It is simple, and it works. We want to see how Chance's journey will end and we take pleasure doing it.

    Last but no least, Billy Dee Williams (Star Wars) plays Burton Hardesty. What do you want more ?