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1MMs is NBC's answer to people who might change the channel during the commercial breaks of a television show. In an effort to grab the viewer's attention, these one-minute movies will air as a 30-second two-parters sometime during the commercials of a television show during prime time.

Each original movie will unfold in the first 30 seconds leading to a cliffhanger and a resolution in the final 30 seconds. They will air as interstitial programming between commercials -- perhaps when programming is delivered to the network a minute or less short of running time, providing a creative opportunity for a fresh, albeit succinct, approach. These new one-minute movies will cut out all of the cumbersome details that bog down traditional films and television shows. Rather than wasting time on character or thematic development, each short film will spend 30 seconds setting up a situation and reaching a cliffhanger before resolving in the final 30 seconds.

Not all these movies are exactly one-minute. Some are just a bit over or just a bit under the one-minute mark. The films will include various well-known actors of both the large and small screen, as well as feature the various writing and directing talents of various industry veterans.

Production Company: John Wells Productions

First Telecast: September 25, 2003 Last Telecast: September 25, 2003

Episodes: 1 Episode (9 Unaired)


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