1st & Ten

Season 1 Episode 7

Uneasy Lies the Ahead

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1985 on HBO

Episode Recap

Diane calls DeNardo and asks if he is ready for Sunday's game. He tells her he'll be fine as he washes down his medication with a beer. DeNardo has a dream that his players are parts of his body. Jethro is his heart, Mace is his lungs, Ty is his intestines, Otis is his liver and Bubba is his butt. They all threaten to quit if he don't start taking care of himself. DeNardo wakes up in a cold sweat and takes a few tranquillizers to relax. Meanwhile, Bubba has trouble at home when his mother-in-law comes for a visit.

As DeNardo talks to the players before the game, he misinterprets everything they say, referencing his dream the night before. He takes his medication and more tranquillizers. DeNardo's mind is on his nightmare and not on the game. At the two minute warning, the Bulls are down by two points. Denardo is in a daze and makes some bad calls. The Bulls lose.

After the game Diane asks DeNardo what happened. He tells her he can't concentrate on the game any more and he has decided to retire. Bubba's wife has kicked him out until he apologizes to her mother.

Diane talks to DeNardo's doctor. He says if DeNardo quits working it will kill him. Diane decides to trick DeNardo into coming back. Diane tells DeNardo that she bought a computer to coach the team. DeNardo stops by to see how the computer is working out. Although the computer is making great calls on the plays, the players are refusing to listen to the computer. DeNardo decides to stay on as coach. Bubba apologizes to his mother-in-law. Diane visits DeNardo in his office, throws away his chinese food and gives him healthy food. Bulls record now at 6-4.