2 Broke Girls

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AIRED ON 5/18/2015

Season 4 : Episode 22

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2 broke girls living in New York City find themselves trying to raise enough money to open their own cupcake business.

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  • Whow! this show went bad quickly

    I used to like this show, but now it is just annoying! I do not like the hive, or their new boss. The girls are just getting annoying and the laugh track is really getting annoying. I am done with the show! And what about that Scottish boy, who casted that kid? He was terrible! Man, if the writers cannot think of anything good to write, just cancel this show. And stop making Caroline dumber every episode, or else buy the end of season 5, like that will happen, she probably be a ***. Get some good new writers or cancel this show.moreless
  • Not interested in watching this show at all!

    Why not cancel this show and go back to Lucy reruns. It is terrible. I would rather watch reruns of good show that this crap!
  • Worst show EVER!!

    Please put these girls out of their misery. Usually acting gets better with time, these girls seem to get worse. How is it still on the air? I hate when my husband turns the channel too soon when Mike and Molly comes on and I have to endure a few seconds of this show. Please end the suffering!
  • Why watch?

    I use to like watching this show. Lately I really don't like it at all. I don't like the new additions to the show. I can't stand the sexual comments at the new work place. The show is very unlikable.
  • What happened?

    Max and Caroline our "protagonists" quickly went from being funny and likeable with witty, snarky lines, to cruel, bitter and mean-spirited, completely arrogant women with an intense dislike of anyone who has a better lot in life for no good reason and toxic to their "friends" and loved ones.

    It went from being a show about two girls trying to make it in the world to two bitches taking out their grievances on everyone around them. The show increasingly falling back on crude humour and racial stereotypes (yes OMG Han is short AND Asian, Earle is BLACK! Sophie and Oleg are from Eastern Europe!!! Aren't they wierd!)

    Also, the only thing less believable than two waitresses being able to afford an apartment in Williamsburg have a relatively comfortable life (I don't see them eating out of tins every other week) and maintain a horse is that in the United States a billionaire ended up in jail

    come on people...moreless
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