2 Broke Girls

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AIRED ON 2/10/2016

Season 5 : Episode 11

Show Summary

2 broke girls living in New York City find themselves trying to raise enough money to open their own cupcake business.


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    Fan Reviews (113)

    • To say it is not good is an understatement...

      I like Kat Dennings and I like Whitney Cummings but this show went from being mildly amusing and fun to being downright painful to watch. The acting is wooden, the laughs are canned and funny is hard to find in a half hour of this drivel. Please put this horse out of it's misery.
    • It is Good Show

      It is a great Show, whoever doesn't understand it is because is not from New York. I had a coworker just like Max. New York girls are rough and tough and that is how New Yorker like women.

      Caroline is also beautiful. I like the way she smile and talk.

      The truth is that that jokes are important but not as important as the two girls themselves. Who cares about the jokes, I like to see Max being tough and Carline is cute, sexy and has beautiful smile. Must man look at these type of show because they all dream about these girls. It is the only way one can have them, watching and dreaming about them. Keep the show, don't cancel it.moreless
    • Why is this on TV?

      Why is this show on TV? How did it make it past the pilot, let alone stay on long enough to be syndicated? Now this crap is all over the airwaves. I have never seen worse acting, and it isn't even close. That includes elementary school plays where the kids picked their noses instead of saying their lines. The f'ing god! Juvenile, not funny, delivered as though reading cue cards in a monotone voice. And the two main chicks might be the luckiest SOBs on the face of the planet! How 2 women with zero talent were able to swing a multi-year sitcom when paired with those looks baffles me. The blonde looks like a horse on crack, and the brunette looks like an obese fortune teller. I would rather watch 50 year old episodes of Lawrence Welk than watch this turd.moreless
    • Honest review.

      The background actors are fantastic! The two main actresses, are absolutely awful at their job: acting. One more season, that's all it'll get. Again, awful!
    • Why is this on?

      This show is proof that Dumbing down America is alive and well. This show has incredibly unintelligent writing, poorly executed acting and characters that have no interesting value at all. I don't know who likes such lame humor, but anyone who is a fan of this show, can't be all that smart. Stupid girls that require boob and sex jokes to try to hold an audience is just cheep business. Great role models for young girls really.moreless

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