2 Broke Girls

Season 6 Episode 22

And 2 Broke Girls: The Movie

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 17, 2017 on CBS



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    • Han: Are you coming to work today? Or should I just write down wrong orders for customers myself?

    • Max: Wait, we're phasing out the diner? I have really gotta stop falling asleep immediately whenever you speak.

    • Han: Look, I'm flush with cash now that they've stopped making Dr. Who figurines. How about if I pay for the dress, you and Max can pay me back by working at the diner?
      Caroline: (gasps) Han, yes. Thank you for not making me beg for my job back.
      Ham: You would've begged?

    • Max: How did you know I was here?
      Randy: I followed you.
      Max: You could've just poked me on Facebook.
      Randy: Rather poke you in person. So you gonna give me a drink?
      Max: Are you gonna give me a reason you're here?
      Randy: Are you gonna give me a reason you're so beautiful?
      Max: Are you gonna give me a reason okay, fine, I'll give you a drink.

    • Max: You say you love me, you say you can't live without me, and then you go and live without me.

    • Randy: Max, I miss you. Every time I see Cheeto dust or a girl wearing flip-flops in an expensive restaurant, I tear up.

    • Caroline: Can I see the ring again?
      Max: Um, I licked it, and it's not candy.

    • Max: I'm keeping my name, by the way. It'd be weird for people to call me 'Randy'.

    • Max: See, Caroline? You got your wish. We're both with someone.
      Caroline: Looks like I got my wish. We're not gonna die together.
      Randy: You are more than welcome to die with us.

    • Randy: So I hear you have a boyfriend.
      Caroline: Yeah, he'll be right in. He's getting Max's coleslaw out of the limo.
      Bobby: The driver said he didn't eat it, but his face is covered in mayonnaise.

    • Bobby: You're that lawyer that screwed my mother and sister out of that reality show. Yeah, it was called...
      Randy: Move Out, You're 40. Yeah, we had to fire them 'cause they're insane.
      Bobby: I'm sorry, are you calling my mother and sister insane?
      Randy: Oh, not just me. The state of New Jersey.
      Caroline: Oh, it's so cute. They know each other.

    • Bobby: Let's take this outside. There's ladies here.
      Max: (scoffs) Well, one.
      Randy: That's a good idea. First one you've ever had.

    • Randy: His mother put a curse on me.
      Bobby: Yeah, and you haven't found a good parking space since, have you?

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