2 Broke Girls

Season 2 Episode 18

And Not-So-Sweet Charity

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 25, 2013 on CBS

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  • A Pointless End To Purposeless Writing

    So far, this show has teetered along on cheap sex one-liners for two long. This episode was less that added an attempt yuck factor for distraction. It didn't work.

    Considering Caroline is supposed to have Warton schooling, I would have hoped the writers had some sense of what that meant rather than just name dropping. I was wrong. Now we have along drawn out reset that shouldn't have happened. The girls got in over their heads, they could have walked away at a profit, and they didn't... but only because the writers didn't want them to. Sad.

    They could have failed and been setup to try again later, when the time was right, and the right opportunity came along. Now they won't. I fear for another endless season of two of never seeing the shows premise get anywhere.