2 Broke Girls

Season 1 Episode 22

And the Buttercream Breakthrough

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 30, 2012 on CBS



  • Quotes

    • Oleg: Hello, Sophie.
      Sophie: Hello, Oleg.
      Oleg: So, do you miss the sex?
      Caroline: Oh! You know what, we should go.
      Sophie: No, we are having conversation here. And besides, the sex was not that good.
      Oleg: Oh, it was that good.
      Sophie: It wasn't that good.
      Caroline: Please, I beg you. Let us go.
      Max: You can go; I'm kind of into it. It's like a dirty Downton Abbey.
      Sophie: So why are you still standing there, giving me sad cow eyes in that brown velour?
      Oleg: Because it's a good look on me. And because I'm waiting for you to admit, that you came here because you missed the sex.
      Sophie: I miss summers in Minsk. I miss smoking in hospitals. (pause) But I don't miss the sex.
      Oleg: Fine then. What would you like to eat?
      Sophie: I'll have my usual sausage.
      Oleg: Okay. Ding. It's ready.