2 Broke Girls

Season 2 Episode 3

And the Hold-Up

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 08, 2012 on CBS

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  • Huh? What the...

    I'm not even sure what to say other than to ask a three word question ending in an additional exclamation point.. another cliche that would get this post banned anyway. Then again, cliche is the first word that comes to mind for this episode... like most of what was in it for anyone who can remember sitcoms more than 4 years past. And the cliches were badly written at that. Insult meet injury. We could've at least had a mugger we coul believe... one that would've hit the register first, fast, and last like any moron on the street would know how to do from watching badly written TV. And everything else could have stayed the same with some reblocking... not that it should gave.

    The show is built somewhat to play on stereotypes and occasionally turn them inside out for a cheap laugh that leads to something bigger and better. That did not happen even once in this episode; it was just filled with setups to nothing with no forward progress in the series arc.

    Here's hoping for better next week. Another like this and it will become another cliche... of jumping the tank but before the shark shows up... and when it does, make the writers jump it instead. This show is (was) better than this.