2 Broke Girls

Season 3 Episode 8

And the It Hole

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 11, 2013 on CBS

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  • Somebody call GLAD!

    What the hell is wrong with every single person who works on or watches this show? My DVR records a full minute of stupidity every week after HIMYM. Fine. No big deal. I try to turn it off before my ears start to bleed due to worse writing and more canned laughter than an episode of Saved by the Bell. I don't normally bitch on forums about shows I don't watch. What do I care if someone else enjoys a show that I find ridiculous and unwatchable? Tonight was different. That was the most disgusting portrayal of a gay man I've seen in years. It's 2013, for God's sake! Have they never heard a gay man speak? The most flamboyant men I know have more dignity than that douche bag in the opener. The actor should be ashamed of himself, the creative team should be shot and Kat Dennings should get her ass off of this terrible show and back to legitimate acting.
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