2 Broke Girls

Season 1 Episode 18

And the One-Night Stands

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Feb 27, 2012 on CBS

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  • 1.18 "And the One Night Stands"

    Written by: Sonny Lee & Patrick Walsh

    Directed by: Scott Ellis


    I completely loved this episode because it had more laughs than usual and I just love those quirky little characters now. Jennifer Collidge is a wonderful addition to the cast and even though she is being kind of typecast here (as almost everywhere) I am sure she does not mind and neither do I. Her character Sophie works perfectly with Oleg, I love them! And can Max get any cuter? I totally get why her ex-boyfriend (who recognized her in prison visiting room lol) would get a tatoo of hare face on his body. :) 9/10

  • Sofi and the others talk Max into throwing Caroline a birthday party.

    I have never really been eager to watch an entire episode of this show yet. I usually listen in and watch every so often while on my laptop. However, I did watch a majority of this and I have to say I was pleased enough. Caroline, the former rich girl, is "celebrating" a birthday, although she doesn't want to this year. Sofi and the restaurant employees want to convince Max to throw some sort of party for Caroline. Once it stinks up the entire restaurant, Caroline admits all she wants for her birthday is to see her dad, so Max takes her on an eventful bus ride to the prison. However, a run-in with an "ex" who Max had a one-night stand with caused havoc in the room and Caroline only saw her father for a few seconds at most. Even if she did ruin it, it was a thoughtful thing for Max to do and at a small price. I've seen a lot of these episodes and finally decided to review one. Despite the fact that every line Max says is supposed to be "funny" (and a lot of them usually are) I have grown to like this show somewhat and look forward to it over the next few years or so.
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