2 Broke Girls

Season 2 Episode 2

And The Pearl Necklace

Aired Thursday 9:30 PM Oct 01, 2012 on CBS
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After her lucky pearl necklace breaks, Caroline fears she will have bad luck. Meanwhile, the two girls hold out hope of hearing back from Martha Stewart, who recently tasted and enjoyed one of their signature cupcakes.

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  • Some Lol moments

    I think this should be episode 1 since it really picked up after the last season's finale. Plot is about basically Caroline snapping her lucky pearl necklace into pieces and her feeling that the luck is gone. I really laughed out on parts where Caroline accidentally threw her face a bowl full of cupcake batter and Chestnut eating some of it as well then Max saying that she's still going to use that to make cupcakes. The supporting gang Oleg, Han and Earl still provides laugh out moments in the diner and Sophie blocking a potential hookup for Oleg (she said not of jealousy but because from where she comes from they don't throw anything). And just like episodes of 2 Broke girls there''s touchy lines which amidst a dash sexist and racist jokes there's still heart to it. On this episode that was Caroline telling Max that she considers that necklace lucky because she was wearing that when she met Max.moreless

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    • Caroline: My lucky pearls.
      Max: By lucky do you mean ugly?
      Caroline: I've worn these everyday since I was evicted from my townhouse. This pearl necklace brings me luck
      Max: (scoff) You think your life is lucky!? This morning you used toilet paper as a coffee filter, and then used it as toilet paper!

    • Caroline: Max, this isn't you! I mean you're strong, you're a bad ass, you beat HPV with Tylenol, and it wasn't even the name brand!

    • Max: (on phone) Martha Stewart please... It's Michelle Obama... What's this about? My sheets shrunk and I'm pissed! Hello?
      Caroline: Max, it didn't work when you were Mick Jagger with a busted muffin tin, or Alicia Keys with a wonky shower curtain, and it really didn't work when you were Steve Jobs back from the dead with thoughts on her panini press. Stop sober dialing Martha Stewart!
      Max: Who says I'm sober?

    • Han: Everybody, I have a big announcement!
      Max: Eh, more like a 5 foot 1 announcement.
      Han: I am changing the diner to state of the art computer power touch ordering system for food and checks!
      Max: I am not learning anything new, I work here because I have no skills.
      Han: You don't have to learn it Max, it's very smart machine. It will help you.
      Max: That's how it started with machines in The Matrix, next thing you know the human race was enslaved!
      Earl: Been there, done that, I'm with Max.

    • Max: Can't say it anymore, Vagina's gone main stream! What's next? A clothing line at Target?!
      Caroline: Oh Max, I'm sorry. It's your favorite word.
      Max: And my favorite body part! Now everyone's saying it!
      Caroline: Well, we could pick another word for it. Something cute like cookie.
      Max: Yea, that sounds like a good idea until you walk past a bunch of girl scouts selling their cookies on the street.

    • Max: Hi, I'm gonna be your waitress, because my mother drank.
      Hipster 1: We need a sec.
      Max: Feeling kind of generous, take 2.
      Hipster 1: Then he said to me, 'Dude, your vagina is weird.'
      Hipster 2: Dude, that is insane, it is so not weird! Your vagina's awesome!
      Hipster 1: Ok, I'm ready.
      Max: Now, I need a sec. (leaves)

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