2 Broke Girls

Season 1 Episode 19

And the Spring Break

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 2012 on CBS
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Episode Summary

Max and Caroline find themselves staying in a fancy Manhattan apartment, when they get a job watching a couple's dog while they go on vacation.

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  • 1.19 "2 Broke Girls And the Spring Break"!!

    Boy, I liked this little episode. What is quite odd that Caroline made me laugh a lot in this one, but still my favorite character remains Max :) my kinda gal. Too bad Oleg & Sophie are here for sexual puroposes only, tthey deserve a bigger and better storylines. Do you hear me, writers? Try. Just once. And those gays were funny as hell. Totally stereotypical. Plus little cute dog named Barbara Streisand. Seriously, Michael Reilly? 8,0/10moreless
Greg Worswick

Greg Worswick


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Brian Gross

Brian Gross


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Jayson Blair

Jayson Blair


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Jennifer Coolidge

Jennifer Coolidge


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Brooke Lyons

Brooke Lyons

Peach Landis

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    • Caroline: Just one thing, Wynonna's still a little upset about the anal gland event.
      Steven: What!? I told you she wouldn't know it was a joke!
      Michael: How could she not know it was a joke? I mean who would ask someone to squeeze their dog's pooper?
      Steven: We're paying you another 50.
      Max: Dude, she went second knuckle deep in your Beagle's backdoor! You're throwing her a 50?
      Steven: 150.

    • Han: (to Michael and Steven as they enter the restaurant.) Welcome again to the Williamsburg Diner, this way please. I have looked up 'down-low' and 'rice queen' and the Wikipedia, and no, I'm not a secret homosexual or a man who only chases Asian men. I'm great, I'm straight, get use to it!

    • Earl: Max, things sure were dull around here without you. Everyone walking around all P.C., nobody called me black. Hell, I haven't laughed once since you've been gone! When it comes to this job, you are my vacation.

    • Caroline: On spring break I always loved spending the day at the beach. Just the chilling and the girl talk.
      Max: Yea, tell me again about the sound the anal gland made when you squeezed it.
      Caroline: Please stop, I already told you twice, and now Wynonna Judd wont even look at me.
      Max: Well not without her lawyer in her room.

    • Brendon: I'd shake your hands, but I kinda stink. I've been at my microbrewery most of the day, so I am sorry if I smell like yeast.
      Max: Hey, that's my apology!

    • Caroline: You can't handle what's on the other side of that door!
      Max: Yesterday I saw a guy on a stoop frenching his cat, I can handle anything.

    • Caroline: This is a huge disappointment.
      Max: I heard that!
      Caroline: You don't even know what I'm referring to.
      Max: Oh, I just assumed we're talking about everything.

    • Max: Things aren't that depressing. (sink in the background begins to violently shake.) (Oleg walks away pulling his pants up.)
      Sophie: (trying to sneak away with hair and clothes in disarray, sees Max and Caroline) Well, I'm sure we have all done things with men in kitchens that we are not proud of.

    • Max: Well have a good time, and while your 4 blocks away having your vacation, I'll be home taking a little masturba-cation.

    • Max: Why would anyone pay $600 to watch dogs for two days!?
      Caroline: Well, cuz, you know they want a certain amount of attention to be paid (cut of by Max)
      Max: Just say it, they're gay and they think that their dogs are their children

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    • Original International Air Dates:
      Canada: March 19, 2012 on Citytv
      United Kingdom: August 23 2012 on E4/E4 HD
      Germany: January 15, 2013 on ProSieben
      Turkey: June 4, 2013 on CNBC-e